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Australia by Mind Map: Australia

1. Why: -To practise the lenguage. - To meet people and make friends. - To find out about other cultures.

2. Where: Australia

3. Stages

3.1. - The pone. - The clothes. - The money.- The ID card.

3.2. At the airport

3.3. We stay in a house of family

3.4. The return is in airtport

4. Tasks

4.1. -Making pone calls. -Selecting information from diffeent sources.

4.2. -Asking for and giving personal information.

4.3. -Verb tenses: Present, past, futur.

5. Culture

5.1. -Food: They eat: Cigalas, gambas, marrón, ostras, fish, friklandel, funchi,keshi yena

5.2. -Films : Galipoli, Latana, Mad max, Diez canoas, Two bands. -Books: Australia the trip, Los trazos de un viajante, Australia.

5.3. Religión: EX: the 100: 64 cristians, 19 agnostics, 2 budist, 2 musulmans, 1 hindu, 12 other religions

5.4. Interesting temp. of sightsee: In summer and the party.

5.5. interesting sites: Great barrier riff, Kata tjuta national park, Sydnei opera house, Melbourne, rainforest, GreatoceanDaintree, Gold coast, Perth and fromantalee, blackberry tasmany, Eagle beach, National psark, Marin the Bonaire, Willenstad

6. Dates

6.1. Capital: Canbena

6.2. Population:22.300.000

6.3. Area: 7.700.700km 2

6.4. Lenguage:English