Assessment: Providing Feedback on the Learning Process

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Assessment: Providing Feedback on the Learning Process by Mind Map: Assessment: Providing Feedback on the Learning Process

1. Summative

1.1. informs & improves teaching

1.2. prompts action

1.2.1. student

1.2.2. teacher

1.3. culmination of learning

1.3.1. culmination of teaching

1.4. understanding of central idea

2. Reporting

2.1. describes progress

2.1.1. student led conferences

2.2. written

2.3. identifies areas for improvement

2.4. identifies areas of strength

2.5. clear form of feedback

2.5.1. varied tools/strategies

2.6. carefully laid out

3. Formative

3.1. Feedback for Learning

3.1.1. informs practice positives improvements improvements What students know Student feelings

3.1.2. self assessment and reflection student teacher

3.1.3. evaluation learner peer teacher

3.1.4. describes progress recognize criteria for success

3.2. use varied tools

3.2.1. notable assessment tools & strategies further questioning

3.3. regular feedback

3.3.1. to improve teaching & learning

3.4. linked to teaching

3.4.1. clearer picture of student

3.4.2. extend student learning

4. Programme Assessment

4.1. student assessent

4.1.1. based on programme standards

4.2. inform members of community