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Articles by Mind Map: Articles


2. CAR

3. Articles (VIDEO)

3.1. Articles in English: Articles Learning English is very important, because its structure is used in every day conversation . The only solution is to master grammar and vocabulary to speak the language fluently . But first we must understand the role that they play in articles in English language

3.2. Grammar Tips: The definite article or definite article is a type of article that is placed before a noun and indicates that this noun is spoken is known by the speaker ( the , the , the , the ) . indefinite articles : a ( French, Spanish ), a ( feminine ) , some ( pl ) and a ( pl )

3.3. Both English and Spanish the definite article to refer to a particular object is used. The definite article is very simple, always used : "the" . Meaning definite article the (male ) the ( female ) what (neutral ) the ( plural) the ( plural )

3.4. Certain (the) and indefinite (a , an) items . Unlike indefinite , the definite article is used for individuals or specific things . the (de / di) - the , the , what , the , the . the boy - the boy the boys - children the apple - apple the girl - the girl the girls - girls the buses - buses a ( ei / e) - A one. (Used when the following word is a consonant ) a boy - a boy a girl - a girl a man - a man a woman - a woman a factory - a factory a house - a house an ( n) - A one. (Used when the following word begins with a vowel or silent consonants ) an apple - an apple an engineer - engineer an umbrella - an umbrella an elephant - an elephant an hour - one hour an honor - an honor The only exception to this rule are the words that begin with " u" and it is pronounced " iu" : a university - a university to Union - a union a uniform - uniform a universe - a universe

3.5. These are some examples: Los artículos Los artículos en inglés artículos articles el the un, una a uno one algunos some pocos few el libro the book los libros the books un libro a book un libro (dos … tres …) one book algunos libros some books pocos libros few books

4. Articles

4.1. All the previous answers were NO? YES, A/AN

4.2. Is it a name: Is it a name YES, USUALLY NO ARTICLE (-)

4.3. Is the noun plural? (Children, towns, games) YES, NO ARTICLE(-)

4.4. Is the noun uncountable? (Water, furniture, air) YES, NO ARTICLE (-)


5.1. When the word begins with a vowel (a, e, i , o, u ), then you must use 'an' because it sounds better and sounds more appropriate to say .

5.2. When the word begins with a consonant you must use 'a'. If you use words and phrases such as ' ball' , 'glass of water' or 'cup of coffee' , then it would be " a ball ", "a glass of water" and " cup of coffee" .

5.3. When the 'u ' has the same sound as the ' and' in ' you ', or the 'o ' has the same sound as the ' w ' in " won" then you need to use 'a'. An example would be "a one - legged man" and "a European trip" .

6. Examples:(Articles)

6.1. Article is a type of determinant that identifies a substantive and accurate if it is determinate or indeterminate

6.2. The ( feminine singular ) → I like to walk in the morning

6.3. The ( masculine plural ) → enjoying basketball on Mondays

6.4. The ( feminine plural ) → go to college at 8 am

6.5. A (singular masculine) → a man


7.1. HOUSE

7.2. CAR

7.3. BUSE

7.4. TABLE

7.5. BOOK