My life in review

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My life in review by Mind Map: My life in review

1. Important Dates

1.1. October 27, 1995

1.1.1. The day I was born! Very important for my life in general.

1.2. October 29, 2011

1.2.1. Me and my (obviously longterm) boyfriend's anniversary date.

1.3. August 18, 2014

1.3.1. My first day of college (at the best school ever mind you) UCF!

2. Personal Interests

2.1. Rowing

2.1.1. I was on my high school team for 4 years and am currently on the club team at UCF. Check out my high school's team here!

2.2. Painting

2.2.1. I absolutely love painting. I paint at least 3 times a week and hang the canvases in my room.

2.3. School

2.3.1. I enjoy learning and feeling like what I am learning will help me later in life.

3. Education

3.1. Elementary School

3.1.1. I went to 3 different elementary schools, I kept switching to find a curriculum that was challenging.

3.2. Middle School

3.2.1. I went to one middle school, Stone Middle School. Most awkward time of my life.

3.3. High School

3.3.1. I went to Melbourne High School and was in the International Baccalaureate Program there.