How to Impact Student Achievement

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How to Impact Student Achievement by Mind Map: How to Impact Student Achievement

1. Create an inviting learning environment

1.1. Make our language academy look like one

2. Be unique

2.1. Offer lesser known languages

3. Retain the best teachers

3.1. Provide online pd options

4. Let students pursue their passion

5. Let students choose how to complete their assignments

6. Create partnerships that engage learners

6.1. International sister schools

7. Expand students' horizons

8. Act according to a plan; no surprises

9. Involve their parents

10. Let them be creative

11. Prepare them for their future, not ours

11.1. Teach them to code

11.2. Teach them to animate

11.3. Teach them to collaborate online

12. Personalize their education

13. Treat them like the important people they are

13.1. Post their work electronically

13.2. Enter them into contests