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1. Use an before words that begins with vowel sound.

1.1. Examples:

1.1.1. An egg

1.2. An hour

2. Use "a", "and" only with singular nouns.

2.1. A book

2.2. It's a computer

3. Use "an" with words that start with a vowel sound

3.1. Examples:

3.2. An earth

3.3. An apple

4. An + vowel (a,o,i,u,e) examples: He is an English boy,

5. Articles: According to the Oxford Dictionaries it is a determiner that introduces a noun phrase. a|an are considered indefinite articles and they are used to introduce new concepts into a discourse.

6. a: A + Consonant. Examples It is a pig, a brush, a car, watch

7. Remember the use of articles a or an: We use a or an before countable nouns in the singular

8. Use "a", "an" Only with singular nouns.

9. Remember that A(AN) means "one" or "a single". You cannot use A(AN) with plural nouns. Examples: I saw a dogs in Los Angeles National Park. Not Correct I saw a dos in Los Angeles National Park. Correct

10. A/AN