Steps to Writing a Paper

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Steps to Writing a Paper by Mind Map: Steps to Writing a Paper

1. Know your due date

1.1. Gather Resources

1.1.1. Books

1.1.2. Websites

1.2. Take Notes

1.2.1. Recall Prior Knowledge

1.2.2. Interesting discoveries about your topic

2. Final Draft for Submission

2.1. Make Adjustments

2.1.1. Final check or spelling or grammar errors

2.1.2. Review Rubric

2.2. Attach Bibliography

2.2.1. Create a Reference page citing all of the sources used in the paper

2.2.2. Include in-text citations

2.3. Turn in Paper

2.3.1. Presentation should be neat and organized

3. Write the Rough Draft

3.1. Organize Concepts

3.1.1. Graphic Organizers

3.1.2. Outlines

3.2. Review Rough Draft

3.2.1. Check Spelling and Grammar

3.2.2. Ask a second person to look it over and make corrections or suggestions