MindMeister Collaboration

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MindMeister Collaboration by Mind Map: MindMeister Collaboration

1. Pros

1.1. Saves your information online

1.2. Allows students to work together, separately

1.3. Keeps students on task

1.3.1. (helps organize student thoughts)

2. In Class Examples

2.1. Online "poster" for an art class presentation

2.2. Brainstorm ideas for an English essay

2.3. Make a timeline of events in a particular period of history

2.4. Make a Venn diagram of similarities and differences of science topics

2.5. Organized students notes

3. Functions

3.1. Encourages brainstorming through real-time collaboration

3.2. Allows students to share their thoughts quickly, and to comment on others' ideas

3.3. Quick presentation of ideas

3.4. Taaaa Dahhh

4. Cons

4.1. Teacher may not be able to view the task

4.2. Can be confusing at first

4.3. Pictures and links are extra

4.3.1. #jipped

4.3.2. #brokecollegestudent

5. Questions or examples?

5.1. This would be great for a storyboard.

6. Example: