The Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo

1. Edmond Dantes and his aliases

1.1. Edmond Dantes

1.1.1. He is the main character in the book. He is wrongly imprisoned at Chateau d'if, he was framed of political enemy to the king. He is looking for vengeance on anybody that hurt him, physically and mentally.

1.2. The Count of Monte Cristo

1.2.1. This is one of Edmond's other identities. As this character he talks with many people from the book. He also helps a ton of people get through their life. He has a big plan to rule the world and kill all of his enemy

1.3. Lord Wilmore

1.3.1. Writes a letter to Morell to tell him to not kill himself

1.4. Sinbad the Sailor

1.4.1. One of Edmond's other identities and he wrote letters to Villefort

1.5. Abbe Busoni

1.5.1. The last one of Edmond's identities. He goes to cadarousse as this character and tells him he is Edmond Dantes

2. Dantes aliies

2.1. Abbe Faria

2.1.1. The man that helps Edmond Dantes get out of jail

2.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

2.2.1. He is the servant for the Count. He is trying to get revenge of Villeofrt for killing his brother

2.3. Luigi Vampa

2.3.1. The kidnapper that helps Edmond Dantes in the beginning

2.4. Peppino

2.4.1. He is part of Luigi Vampa's plan

2.5. Ali

2.5.1. Another one of the Counts servents

2.6. Baptistin

2.6.1. The last of Counts servents

2.7. Jacopo Manfredi

2.7.1. He is the one that helped Dantes get off the Isle of Elba and go home

2.8. Haydee

2.8.1. The daughter of Ali Pasha. Was betrayed by Fernand

3. Morcerf Family

3.1. Mercedes Mondego

3.1.1. Engaged to Edmond in the beginning. While he is in jail she gets married to Fernand. When Edmond gets out of Jail he is very upset with her. She dosen't kill her self but she goes into deep sadness

3.2. Fernand Mondego

3.2.1. He is the one that gets married to Mercedes. At the end of the book he kills him self

3.3. Albert de Morcerf

3.3.1. He is the son of Mercedes and Fernand. He gets kidnapped by Vampa but eventually escapes

4. Danglars Family

4.1. Baron Danglars

4.1.1. Danglars is very jealous when the captain makes the Count the new captain. He has a lot of money but he is very stupid with his money. In the middle of the book he gives the Count 5 million francs for no reason.

4.2. Madame Danglars

4.2.1. This is Baron Danglars wife. She doesn't like her husband very much. She yells at her husband for selling the horses to the Count.

4.3. Eugenie Danglars

4.3.1. This is the Danglar's daughter. She was suppose to get married to Albert but she runs away from the wedding.

5. Villefort Family

5.1. Villefort

5.1.1. He is a prossecuter for the king. He was the one that killed Bertuccio's brother. His whole family was killed after The Count killed them. He goes crazy after his family dies and starts looking for the baby in the garden that is not really there.

5.2. Renee Villefort

5.2.1. This is Villefort's first wife. She dies from getting posioned

5.3. Marquis and Marquise de Saint Meran

5.3.1. Parents of Renee Villefort

5.4. Valentine

5.4.1. She is Villeforts daughter. In the beginning she is engaged to Franz. But she really loves Maximillen. In the end of the book Madame Villefort tries to poison Valentine at the end of the book but the Count gives her a pill to stay alive.

5.5. Monsieur Noirtier

5.5.1. Noirtier is Villefort's father. He is a known Bonapartist. He was paralyzed. Was unknown how it happened. Also he helps Valentine get out of the arranged marriage

5.6. Heloise

5.6.1. This is Villefort's 2nd wife. She is the one that tries to poison everybody. She almost killed her own step daughter, to get her fortune. She killed herself and her own son.

5.7. Edouard

5.7.1. He is Villefort's son. He got poisoned by his own mother

5.8. Benedetto

5.8.1. This is Villefort's son that gets burred in the garden as a baby. He has one other identity Andrea Cavalcanti. He is big in the book becuase everybody thinks he is rich

6. Morrel Family

6.1. Morrel

6.1.1. The Count helped Morrel not kill himself. But he kills himself anyway. His son is maximillen.

6.2. Maximilien

6.2.1. Son of Morell. He gets married to Valentine in the end of the book. He almost kills himself after he think Valentine dies

6.3. Julie

6.3.1. The sister of Maximilian

6.4. Emmanuel

6.4.1. Married to Julie

7. Other Characters

7.1. Caderousse

7.1.1. This is a very important character in the book. He is the one that kills the jeweler and he even kills his own wife. Also he dies from poison in the end of the book

7.2. Louis Dantes

7.2.1. This is Dantes father. He is a supporter of Napoleon

7.3. Franz

7.3.1. He is the one that was married to Valentine

7.4. Lucien Debray

7.4.1. He is the one that cheated with Madame Danglars

7.5. Beauchamp

7.5.1. He was the writer for the newpaper

7.6. Chateau-Renaund

7.6.1. He is one that says all of the important quotes in the book

7.7. Louise d'Armilly

7.7.1. Eugene's Friend. They run away together before the wedding.

7.8. Barrios

7.8.1. He is the one that dies in the beginning of the book

7.9. Monsieur d'Avrigny

7.9.1. The security guard for Napoleon

7.10. Cavalcanti

7.10.1. He is the one that is friends with Andrea Cavalcanti

7.11. Ali Pasha

7.11.1. Fernando betrayed her