The Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo

1. Edmond Dantes and his aliases

1.1. The Count of Monte Cristo

1.1.1. Very important person he knows everything and he was one who found the big treasure. He is a very wealthy man is looking for revenge. He is Dante and he is looking for revenge

1.2. Zatarra

1.2.1. The name for Edmond that Jacopo gave to him once he was on the ship

1.3. Lord Wilmore

1.3.1. Another person that Count was as a disguise

1.4. Sinbad the sailor

1.4.1. A secret name for signing things, he was Sinbad the sailor when he gave Morrel money to save himslef

1.5. Number 34

1.5.1. Was the number during the time Dante was in prison for 14 years

2. Dante's Allies

2.1. Abbe Faria

2.1.1. Was the man that was with Edmond is in prison

2.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

2.2.1. Servant that wanted to kill Villefort and stabbed him an d ran off with his baby that Villefort tried to kill. Then once Bertuccio went on with his life the Count decided to have a gathering and Villefort was there.

2.3. Luigi Vampa

2.3.1. He steals people including Danglars at the end of the book

2.4. Peppino

2.4.1. An Italian shepherd who has been arrested and was sentenced to death for the crime of working with bandits . The count buy him his freedom

2.5. Ali

2.5.1. He was the servant of the Count of Monte Cristo . Also the father of Haydee

2.6. Baptistin

2.6.1. Valet,personal servant warns the count of someone is his house trying to steal his belongings

2.7. Jacopo Manfredi

2.7.1. He was the sailor that rescued Edmond when he escaped from the jail sell that he was in for 14 years.

2.8. Haydee

2.8.1. She is the pretty greek slave that works for the Count and she was in love with him. Her dad is Ali pasha. Fernand sold her into slavery

3. Morcerf family

3.1. Mercedes Mondego

3.1.1. She was very in love with Edmond in the beginning of the story but then he gets locked in prison and she thinks that he is dead and moves on with her cousin Fernand and has a child

3.2. Fernand Mondego

3.2.1. sold Haydee in slavery, also killed himself because everyone found out. He went crazy because he sold out his Ali pasha for a big paid day. Fernand helped frame Dante as a Bonapartist

3.3. Albert de Morcerf

3.3.1. Was the son of Mercedes and Fernand, also wanted to duel with the count, was suppose to get marred to Eugenie and then he found out the Count was looking into Fernands background.

4. Danglars Family

4.1. Baron danglars

4.1.1. Framed Dantes for treason but really once the count of Monte Cristo took control Danglars was no longer wealthy he was broke

4.2. Madame Hermine Danglars

4.2.1. The women who has been spending all of her husbands money. She was having affairs with some people.She was also the mother of a very bad person who grew up to become a monster

4.3. Eugenie Danglars

4.3.1. Was suppose to get married to Andres but then she find out his true identity and then flees with her best friend Louise

5. Villefort Fam

5.1. Gerard de Villefort

5.2. Renee de Villefort

5.2.1. Valentine mother that died

5.3. The marquis and Marquise de Saint-Meran

5.3.1. They died were posined by Madame Villefort

5.4. Valentine de Villefort

5.4.1. Secretly in love with Max. Mother is trying to kill her. The count helps put max and Valenitine together. In the end the count gives Valentine a pill and he

5.5. Monsier Noirtier de Villefort

5.5.1. He is the man that can only communicate only with his eyes. He is tring for valentine and Max so that they can be together

5.6. Heloise de Villefort

5.6.1. The women who was killing everyone she ends up killing herself and her son in the end because her husband told her to. SHe wa sthe women that "killed" valentine

5.7. Edouard de Villefort

5.7.1. he was the son of madame villefort who kind of controlled all of the money. He also died because his mom was craxy and started killing everyone including him but for a different reason

5.8. Benedetto

5.8.1. A.K.A Andrea Cavlacanti he was the son of Danglers and Villefort. Was an awful kid. He idd awful things to Assunta .

6. Morrel family

6.1. Pierre Morrel

6.2. Maximilien Morrel

6.2.1. Secretly in love with Valentine. Was about to commit suicide

6.3. Julie Herbault

6.3.1. Is suppose to get married to emmanuel also she was the person that received the money from sinbad the sailor to save Morrel

6.4. Emmanuel Herbault

6.4.1. He was suppost to get married to Julie and they did because sinbad the sailor helped out because he first helped Morrel out witch helped out JUlie and Emmanuel

7. Other characters

7.1. Caderousse

7.1.1. This man who got The count. He stole from the Count also, got stabbed by Bendetto.

7.2. Louis Dantes

7.2.1. Dantes father, starves to death while he was in jail

7.3. Baron Franz

7.4. Lucien Debray

7.4.1. French minister of the interior's secretary; sneaks government secrets to his lover, Madame Danglars

7.5. Beauchamp

7.5.1. was a well know journalist and alberts good friend

7.6. Raoul, Braon de Chateau

7.7. Louise

7.7.1. Teacher of Eugene

8. The count

8.1. The Count was the main charchter of the book. He was just about to be farren of teh ship and Caderousse and danglars and Fernand all did not like that but for certain resons. Fernand wanted to get married to Merceded at the time. So they men all came up with a plan that they were gonna get him locked in jail and say that he died. Edmond was locked in that dungeon for 14 years and when he got out he was gonna get back at the people that made him suffer.