Methods of New Interaction

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Methods of New Interaction by Mind Map: Methods of New Interaction

1. Facebook/LinkedIn

1.1. Group Brand Sponsorship

1.1.1. Objective: Build Relationships with 100 group owners (speakers, coaches, accreditation bodies) (NK) Identify/research groups (NK) Identify Value Prop (BN, HM, NKl) Create approach email (HM) Create follow up email (HM) Yes response

1.1.2. NEXT STEPS Vee Find 5 $3/hr VAs (available, on hand, run a test) Find cheapest flights for day/date Find 20 largest executive coaching companies Proof read text Find $5 video production manager with fast internet, video editor, reliable Nabeel Identify 100 Facebook groups Research Judith's friend's groups Sofia Create a Wbecs employee fake legit profile

2. Coaching Events ICF/IAC/Coaching Groups

2.1. Objective: Contact 150 coaching events/conference to see if they promote us

2.1.1. Gather a list of top coaching events

2.1.2. NEXT STEPS NK - Email ICF chapters to see if they would be interested in a prize competition - 400 Wbecs USBs NK - Identify ICF chapters and collect contact details of presidents HM - Create content for email


3.1. Presenters

3.1.1. JM

3.1.2. VK

3.1.3. Mary

3.2. Customer Service

3.2.1. VK

3.2.2. Fred

3.3. Partners

3.3.1. JM

3.3.2. VK

3.3.3. NK

3.4. Marketing

3.4.1. BC

3.4.2. HM

3.4.3. LK

3.4.4. ST

3.4.5. NK

3.4.6. JM

3.5. Admin

3.5.1. Nina

3.5.2. Mary

3.5.3. Lisa

3.5.4. Fred

3.5.5. Nancy

3.5.6. VK

4. Content Marketing (social media/blogs)

4.1. Objective: Social media calendar for who, when, where, what and who. 5000 registrations, 100 shares per day, 1000 interactions, 4000 channels

4.1.1. Who will post

4.1.2. Where FB Twitter LinkedIn SMS

4.1.3. What - build content

4.1.4. When - develop calendar for posts ie Tuesday Q&A

4.1.5. How FB quote post Topic and Picture Pin to the top and unpin previous post Change Module #'s ie from 1 to 2 Collect questions/answers in Google doc LinkedIn

4.1.6. Gather and audit all of Wbecs content from the past and categorize, track, highlight features Create database of content. Each social media channel has identifying letter FB - A Twitter - B LinkedIn - C SMS - D Each post will have an identifying letter (Medium) and number (order to post) ie. 1A first post to put on FB, 5C fifth post to put on LinkedIn

4.2. Create content calendar with same letter system so that it is easy to follow for everyone

4.2.1. April 20 - July 1

4.2.2. Multiple posts per day in correct medium


4.3.1. Jenn - Find a social media manager. Agree on $$. Someone to research/write. ISIC.

4.3.2. HM - Script out intro and outro "Here is a nugget from the 2011, 2012, 2013 Wbecs. Registration is now open to attend over 40 full, complimentary sessions"

4.3.3. Hrvoje - Create a cool intro/outro for FB nuggets

5. Offline Marketing

5.1. Objective: Contact 500 contributors from Forbes, HBR, Leadership Journey (people who write about Biz and Exec coaching) Plus 500 Twitter

5.1.1. Magazines: Wbecs Journalists (End of April - July)

5.1.2. Gather a database of 500 writers + 500 Twitter Name, medium, contact details Create an approach email to invite them to become Wbecs journalists Create follow up for those who confirm

5.1.3. NEXT STEPS Vee Hire a journalist to help you do your work

6. Volunteers

6.1. Objective: Find 100-200 volunteers. "Are you new to WBECS this year? Get your holden ticket! WBECS 2016 - for coaches by coaches"

6.1.1. Reviewing content and labelling

6.1.2. Identifying nuggets/stories

6.1.3. Create an image/quote/meme

6.1.4. Reserach groups where coaches meet online and identifying opportunities and touch points

6.1.5. Note "How To's" to post in forums

6.1.6. Incentive - the 10 best get promised another ticket OR opportunity to attend a live event

7. Pay Per Click PPC

7.1. Objective: Generate 5000 registrations

7.1.1. Work out budget

7.1.2. Approx $42K plus 5K on re-marketing


7.2.1. Hire Kevin Davies

7.2.2. Conversion XL (Pete)

7.2.3. Create contect

7.2.4. Set budget

8. Podcasts

8.1. Objective: Gather 100 coaching podcasts

8.1.1. Identify all coaching podcasts

8.1.2. Get contacts details for podcast owners Send them email for materials release Get info session details

8.1.3. Set up affiliate link Create scripts

8.1.4. NEXT STEPS All above and find out if Ben can record a podcast