Jonas's Community

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Jonas's Community by Mind Map: Jonas's Community

1. Living Area/Dwellings

1.1. Most people are assigned Family Units that consist of an adult male and female, along with a male and female child, as per the rules

1.2. Children have a comfort object that they keep until they become an Eight. Comfort objects are often stuffed "imaginary" creatures.

2. Assignments

2.1. Birthmother

2.1.1. Birthmothers give birth to three newchildren which are sent to the Nursing Center, and then assigned to a Family Unit

2.1.2. Employed for 3 years, then become laborers

2.2. Nurturers

2.2.1. Nurturers work in the Nursing Center and take care of the newchildren until they are assigned a family unit

2.3. Speaker

2.3.1. The Speaker makes announcements to the community, whether it be rule reminders or commands

2.4. Laborers

2.4.1. Laborers work in places that manufacture or organize things, such as Food Production

2.5. Instructor

2.5.1. Instructors teach the children until they leave school

2.6. Committee member/Elders

2.6.1. Committee members' jobs are very secretive and decide on children's jobs and other community matters

2.7. Doctor

2.7.1. Doctors in the community perform the same jobs as a doctor in our society

2.8. Engineer

2.8.1. Engineers work on, plan, and build structures in the community

2.9. Law and Justice

2.9.1. People in the Law and Justice group deliver punishment to people who break rules

3. Ceremonys

3.1. Ceremony of One

3.1.1. This is when the newchildren are given to their newly assigned family unit

3.2. Ceremony of Nine

3.2.1. This is when the children who just became Nines get their bicycle

3.3. Ceremony of Eight

3.3.1. This is when children who just became Eights lose their comfort item which is recycled to the younger children.

3.4. Ceremony of Twelve

3.4.1. This is the last ceremony and is when the children who just became Twelves are given their Assignments and lose their recreation and volunteer hours.