How does Netflix affect American Culture?

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How does Netflix affect American Culture? by Mind Map: How does Netflix affect American Culture?

1. effects on the economy

1.1. Netflix charges a membership fee, which means part of the sharing economy. Sharing economy is when they make money by sharing the same products instead of by selling more products.

2. effects on the internet/media

2.1. Netflix has effected other ideas, which are now companies, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube Red, and many more. All have many series, including original series. It has affected the media by terms and ideas such as “netflix and chill.”

2.1.1. Destinations

3. mental effects

3.1. Netflix sent cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken into the homes of TV streamers to find out more. He discovered that 76 percent reported bingeing as a welcome refuge from their busy lives, and nearly 8 in 10 agreed that binge-watching a TV show was more enjoyable than watching single episodes. Despite our hectic, digitally-driven lifestyles and 140-character social interactions, McCracken concluded that we're actually craving the long narratives that today's best television series can provide.

4. effects on TV and cable companies

4.1. Netflix provides on-demamd content, creating compelling original shows, using user data to better serve customers and letting them consume content in the way that they prefer, Netflix is forcing cable companies to change the way they do buisness.

5. effects on teens academically and socially

5.1. Netflix can distract all ages from their responsibilIties, but especially teens. It effects them academically, socially, and emotionally. Its so hard to not want to be in your bed binge-watching your favorite series when you have to work or go to school. You can get so drawn into whats going on in your show, and be emotionally attached because its like your own little fictional world.

6. controversy

6.1. It is questioned if Netflix will kill TV and it has become controversial. Netflix seeks nothing less than to reprogram Americans themselves. What will happen to our mass culture if it succeeds? The future of network television is bleak. Live and weekly DVR ratings have plummeted for most broadcast programs, as many viewers can now catch their favorite shows on demand. Netflix could be the biggest problem facing TV.

7. more health effects

7.1. The new research, presented at the American Public Health Association's 143rd Annual meeting in Chicago, revealed a previously undiscovered link between binge watching and depression and anxiety. For the study, researchers asked 406 participants to record how much TV they watched each night, and how they felt along the way. Out of all the participants, 77 percent watched at least two hours of TV a night and were considered bingers, while 35 percent reported watching far more. But after watching just two hours of TV participants reported feeling more depressed and anxious than those who spent fewer time watching TV. The rates of binge watching have reportedly tripled since 2014, making it a sharp and rapidly growing habit among Americans. People love online streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, for both its large quantities of TV shows and movies, as well as its limited commercial interruption. Not to mention these services come at little cost to consumers.

8. more effects on TV

8.1. After launching in 1997, the service simply killed the traditional DVD or video store, experts say. "There's now a whole variety of ways to watch programs on TV but also on the computer, on your tablet, on your cell phone," said Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst. "Netflix allows people to watch programs when they want, where they want," he added. But its catalogue of shows and films for streaming remains far smaller than its DVD offerings, and Netflix meanwhile faces streaming competition from Hulu, Amazon and Google, not to mention illegal downloads.

9. effects on eating habits

9.1. Streaming services have broken down traditional barriers, democratised the best content and empowered the consumer. Quite frankly, we've never had it so good. But is this instant gratification offered through high-speed internet, Smart TVs and mobile devices really such a Golden Ticket? Or are we becoming a bunch of spoilt 'don't care how, I want it now' Veruca Salts, whose collective compulsions and sense of entitlement are lessening our appreciation and dumbing down our cultural and emotional responses to great content? We spoke to television scholars and media psychologists on whether marathon viewing is really enhancing our experience, beyond the buffet. If we can have everything, does everything mean anything?

10. Thesis Statement

10.1. Netflix effects american culture in many ways.