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Jersey Shore by Mind Map: Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore


amelio says "how many balls do you want" snookie replies "2 balls in my face"--snookie regulary refers to food in sexual terms (pickles, meatballs etc)

Pauly D- "i was hooking up with angelina one night and then next night i was like angelina who?"

the blackboard by the house phone they have a list of who everyone's hooked up with in the house

jwow in the introduction- "after i have sex with a guy i'll rip their heads off"

have a "smush" room where anyone is free to have sex in

jersey shore "high five" which is 5 different situations that happen on the show-almost all of them have sex and hookups included somewhere in them

when the boys talk about going out-all they talk about is coming home with a hot girl to "smush" (have sex) with

snookie said "Vinny's like my brother, i love him. But you usually don't have sex with your brother." They have sex with and hook up with anyone, even the people they are the closest to.

"these girls know the deal, the only reason we grabbed them is because they are DTF." -Pauly D

Situation was being extremely rude to a girl he brought home that wouldn't have sex wtih him and kicked her out of the house because she doesn't "hook up."

JWoww supports the stereotypical jacked man to be attractive (A.D.) - "Tall, completely jacked, steroids, like multiple growth hormones. That's, like, the type that I'm attracted to."

(A.D.) Vinny and his sex life "If I'm there for 60 days and I keep hittin' it… Sixty different girls, if there's ever a night I can't get one, I'll just double-up the next night."

(A.D.) The Situation on his life's work: "I'm hooking up with this girl, your girl's girl, and your girlfriend's girlfriend's girlfriend. Somebody's gotta do it."

A neat program that teaches about STD's and safe sex, but pushes for teenagers to wait to have sex (A.D.) -

Sammi's thoughts on when to have sex (A.D.)- "Yes, I had sex. Like hello, you're gonna have sex if you're into somebody. It's natural."

High School Teens Sexual Activity (LO)

substance abuse

Snooki says she may cheat on bf if under the influence of alcohol.

More susceptible to having sex after drinking. (Meghan Mason)

More likely to fight with each other or other people when drinking. (Meghan Mason)

Injuries are more likely to be acquired after drinking (Meghan Mason)

No consideration for other people.

getting into trouble with the law (H.P)

LP+ MK- Substance Abuse- Parents (H.P.)

The Jersey Shore continually promotes the use of alcohol. Since the arrival of Jersey Shore into our entertainment outlet, viewers have taken it upon themselves to incorporate alcohol when viewing the show. The Jersey Shore Drinking Game (Season 1 and 2) is a game that is frequently played by college viewers. The rules of the game include taking a “drink” when a cast member does or wears specific things. For example, players are supposed to drink when someone uses the word ‘guido’ or ‘guidette’, when I guy has no shirt on, when someone is wearing Ed Hardy, or when Mike refers to himself as ‘The Situation’. Attached is a list of rules to follow when playing this game. (PC)

This article talks about the increase in substance abuse in college settings : (H.P)

This statistic sheet shows the substance abuse issues dealing with 8th graders: (H.P)

"Drug Free Week" in schools (instead of Dare) (Kelsey)

DARE in Elementary Schools (CW)

When Sammi and Ronnie didn't go out much in the last season they got made fun of and called lame. (KB)

A quote by the Situation that shows his lack of care for substance abuse (A.D.) - "I went to the doctor he told me you gotta stop drinking, stop doing drugs & stop havin' sex, ya know what I did? I switched f*ckin' doctors!"

Body Image


Girls This talks about body image and Halloween costumes (Meghan Mason)

Snooki's Body Image

What is the perfect body image?- LP

Double Standards


Guys (This website gives examples and videos of the double standards present in Jersey Shore) KB

Vinny and his sex life "If I'm there for 60 days and I keep hittin' it… Sixty different girls, if there's ever a night I can't get one, I'll just double-up the next night."

According to, studies show that as many as 96% of American teenagers say that they have been emotionally and/or psychologically abused by a dating partner. Jersey Shore may help to perpetrate this idea. Viewers may think it's ok. (AP)



Female vs. Male Roles

Gender Reversals




J Woww



Pauly D



Related Articles (KB) (AO)

Related Videos (AO)

LESSON PLAN iDEA: Ask the students to map out the different relationships that they have. They can mention family relationships, friendships, relationships with teachers, etc. After they make a map of their relationships, they should talk about the way that they act in these different relationships that they have. In other words, explain how they act differently with their teachers than they do with their friends. This can lead to a discussion about how students have to act differently depending on the different relationships that they are engaged in. (Kelsey)

Although shows like Jersey Shore promote sex, still education for safe sex. (A.D.)

Although Snooki does not embody morals, she does show some want for a monogamist relationship (A.D.) - "My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey, find a nice, juiced, hot, tan guy and live my life."


There is a movement that is promoting more children being involved with art. Youth in the Arts is an organization that promotes children making art. In June 2010 there was an Italian Street painting activity. Here is a link to the website with pictures of the Street Painting Event- AP

many highschool and college kids are having jersey shore themed parties and dressing up as the various characters and drinking/doing drugs at the parties and being "in chacters" (SW)


Wearing specific brands that could be considered advertising (CW)

Advertising a specific type of nightlife, clubs, etc. (CW)

Advertising the activities they do to get ready for their day (CW)

Going to the gym (SW)

Advertising against alcohol- LP

People can use art to make eye catching ads! This site shows art that are used as ads and some, which could be used as an ad, but isn't. (Andrew)

Advertises the show by going onto the show Cake Boss--advertising to a different audience. (Kelsey)

GTL - GTL is a common term now for daily activities around our campus. (KB)

Could be advertising the places they are stationed at for the television show, making a specific message about these places, promoting certain behaviors and night life in these areas (CW)

the Gelato shop where the cast works (SW)


girls betray eachother- Snookie and Jwow don't admit to writing the letter to Sami about Ronnie cheating (SW)

boys don't have problems with each other and are each other's "wingman" to help them hook up with girls (SW)

when girl friends have fights they get physical- Angelina, Jwow, Snooki and Sami have all gotten in a physical fight with someone (SW)

In boy/girl friendships the boys should protect the girls in a dangerous situation (SW)

most of the boy/girl friendships are/have been sexual at one time (SW)

Friendship can turn into family, at the final episode, Ronnie explains how much they have turned into a family after spending so much time together (MB)

Stereotypes (H.P.)

girls dress slutty to go out (SW)

The "Guido" as a now commonly-known/talked about specific type of person(CW)

The way they dress and act, what they enjoy doing, how they take care of themselves, how they talk and the vocabulary/slang they use (CW) other stereotypes in the Unites States can have a huge impact on people today. The characters in Jersey Shore show how stereotypes can have a strong effect on how people are portrayed. (Meghan Mason)

Boys seem to be held to high standards in the media, just like girls are. Sometimes, the stereotpye for men can be tough to live up to. In Jersey Shore, the characters are portrayed as strong, cool, and persuasive men. The pressure for boys to be like this is probably becoming more of an issue. The link below gives some other common stereotypes with men today. (Meghan Mason)

Even though, Jersey Shore does portray many stereotypes, it fails to include certain groups of people like homosexual people, which makes it seem that these type of people cannot have a good time. (MB)

Culture (KB)

Even though "Guido" is listed as a stereotype, the cast of Jersey Shore is extremely proud of where they come from. They are constantly referencing their Italian culture and heritage and talking about their customs. This might be one of the show's better qualities because it shows people that they should be proud of where they come from because that is what made them who they are. (KB)

Jersey Shore is one of the dominant forces in pop culture right now. (MH)

The Guido culture is the next "it" thing and a lifestyle. To them, "the Ten Commandments would be GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry). This is the daily schedule of the guido, the mundane routine. But at night they come out to play at night clubs where the juice is flowing. This is the guido in his prime, fist pumping to anything the DJ is spinning. " Article from (MH)

Reality Television

Jersey Shore has become a new faze in television in general (MB)

People have a " a hunger to watch people with no discernible talent, no discernible insights, but who are willing, eager to be seen and heard doing . . . nothing" (MB)(

reality television began with Survivor and has now expanded to include about 1/4 of shows on primetime (MB). These reality shows have a large effect on how students view "real" life.

Draw of Reality TV shows (MH)


Jersey Shore


Popular Culture (A.W.) (A.W.)

This is a picture of the Mona Lisa listening to an Ipod, shows how times have changed and (A.W) (A.W) (A.W)

My lesson plan is looking at popular culture today in comparison to popular culture in the past. What has changed what is the same. Finding pictures of ways people have compared old popular culture to present day such as the Mona Lisa picture can show young children things like the Ipod have not always been around. (A.W)

distorted reality

After watching shows like Jersey Shore, kids and teens may assume that life revolves around drinking and sex. (MB)

In Jersey Shore, the participants work at a ice cream shop, which may give viewers the false impression that from that job, they have enough money to party each night. (MB)

Travel/ New Place

Great places to see: (MH)

31 places to go in 2010: (MH)

Lesson Plan Idea: Create your own country with any landscapes/landmarks you would like to see. Also, incorporate depth and a 3D version of your country on a land. (MH)