Awesome Franchise

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Awesome Franchise by Mind Map: Awesome Franchise

1. Pokemon

1.1. Why we love it

1.1.1. Card games that kids spend their entire allowances on

1.1.2. Addictive Role playing games that date back into childhood

1.1.3. Kick-butt characters

1.1.4. Somehow charming TV show with lovable characters

1.1.5. Action figures

2. Mario

2.1. Reasons to play

2.1.1. Awesome racing games

2.1.2. Mysterious mazes New node

2.1.3. Addictive storylines

2.1.4. Awesome characters

3. Sonic The Hedgehog

3.1. WHY its awesome

3.1.1. Blue hedgehog!

3.1.2. Totally awesome mazes

3.1.3. Addictive

3.1.4. Challenging

3.1.5. Many different games and formats to choose from

4. Super Smash Bros.

4.1. Why we play it

4.1.1. Collaboration of all our favorite Nintendo characters

4.1.2. Super cool battles

4.1.3. Multi player, so you can have battles with friends

5. Legend of Zelda

5.1. Reasons its popular

5.1.1. Addictive RPG

5.1.2. Epic characters

5.1.3. Mindless!

5.1.4. Cool adventures

6. Donkey Kong

6.1. why we love it

6.1.1. Many games and different ways to play

6.1.2. One of original classic games

6.1.3. Original arcade format that we still love Ne node

7. Kirby

7.1. Why we play it

7.1.1. Cute characters

7.1.2. Different formats such as puzzle and action

7.1.3. Love able pink round character

8. Why its lame

8.1. Stupid Nintendo DS format

8.2. Waste of money

8.3. One word: MATH

9. KEY:

9.1. RED= Cute character

9.2. Blue= Original games

9.3. Purple= Awesome mazes/adventures

9.4. Green= Addictive