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IP and Knowledge Commercialisation Conference by Mind Map: IP and Knowledge Commercialisation Conference
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IP and Knowledge Commercialisation Conference

Public Sector IP Discussion

Peter Willimot, IP Australia



IP Law

Stephenson, Jordan & Harrison Ltd v. MacDonald & Evens (1951 CA)

In most cases he presented, anything that was outside of the explicit terms of service in the employment contract, was held to be the employees IP.

Distinction between contract of service, and contract for service.

But now, with specialised knowledge work, where a person exercises a high degree of skill and expertise, control is not the only reasonable test / sole determining factor.

Why should employers own IP – return on their investment, provide opportunities for creative works to employees, organise production of material and distribution/marketing of the product

Prof Kamal Puri

Most IP is developed in an employer/employee context

Commercialisation in Universities

Dr Andy Sierakowski, Director Office of Industry and Innovation, Uni of Western Australia

Knowledge Commercialisation Australia (KCA)



Removing Barriers

IP Management

Durham Grigg

Key Actions

Framework for commercialising University Research

Models of Technolgy Transfer Offices

Simon Williams, CEO ITEK, Uni of South Australia

when to quit

top lies

TTO Death Cycle


Common Sense

Commercialisation in Government

Dr John Kapeleris, Deputy CEO, Australian Institute for Commercialisation


Commercialisation means