Features of PetsParadise system

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Features of PetsParadise system by Mind Map: Features of PetsParadise system

1. Services

1.1. Hotel

1.1.1. A comfortable accommodation for pets to stay while their owners are away. Charges per day is based on the type of pet.

1.2. Grooming

1.2.1. Grooming allows their pet to do treatment such as trimming its fur. Grooming charges is based on types of treatment.

2. Accessories

2.1. Specializes in healthy pet food, pet supplements, clothes and grooming tool.

3. Pets

3.1. Selling various type of pets such as dogs, fishes, cats, rabbits and birds.

3.2. The pets that they sell consists of breeds that we seldom see in other pet shops throughout Malaysia.

3.2.1. Such as Sphynx cat, Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog and Half Moon.

4. Shopping Cart

4.1. To let user know the quantity and what product they have purchased.

5. Homepage

5.1. Displays 4 types of the feature provided

6. Sign in/sign up

6.1. Members

6.1.1. Can do an online reservation of hotels and grooming service.

6.1.2. Can immediately purchase a product/pet.

6.1.3. There are some days where members can get a 10% discount for each purchase.

6.1.4. Benefits of being a member is that they can get a coupon redeem, with every purchase above RM90.

6.2. Non-members

6.2.1. They can only browse, but cannot make a purchase.

6.2.2. They can still do a query if they have doubts on how to purchase via email or phone call.

7. Search engine

7.1. This provides user to search the things they want to look at immediately.

7.2. Consists of a general search where all users including non-members can search type of products or pets they want to look for.

8. Contact Us

8.1. Displays the information of the pet shop if a user would like to make a query.

9. Reservations

9.1. Refers to making an online booking only for hotels and grooming services.

9.2. Reservation is needed to find out the availability of rooms and time slots for grooming.

9.3. Must be made at least a day before the user wants to use the service.

10. What's New?

10.1. Focuses on news regarding the activities and progress in the pet shop.

10.2. Promotion of pets accessories and new arrival of pets will be shown in this feature.

11. Gallery

11.1. A page where it displays compilation of photos of pets from all sorts of breed.

11.2. Consists of the pet shop's address, contact number and email.

12. Pets Information

12.1. A page that displays how to take care of pets,

12.2. What type of food that is suitable for all ages of pets

12.3. What food are you going to give to your pet to keep it stay healthy

13. Feedback

13.1. Users can give feedback on the pet store’s services, or what is needed to improve on the website design

13.2. Users can give feedback on the pet store’s services, or what is needed to improve on the website design