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1. Why would Colombians vote no to the peace process?

1.1. He wanted the government to redistribute the land to the poor and free the country from multinationals.

1.2. The FARC became especially powerful and rich in capitalizing on drugs Commerce.

1.3. There was a lot of sexual violence, a lot of rapes.

2. It was a historic peace agreement

3. What is it?

3.1. It is a fact that seemed to end the longest war in America.

4. The negotiations took place during 4 years in Cuba

5. Leaders, heads of state from around the world joined, it was a massive celebration.

6. Why yes to peace?

6.1. The FARC agreed to end their drug trafficking, give away their weapons.

6.2. They did community service by removing their land mines.

7. What does the FARc want?

7.1. But in return, they would not face jail time.

7.2. The Farc would also obtain 5 guaranteed seats in each of the two chambers of the Colombian Congres

7.3. and financial help for combatants who demobilize.