Учение Муна

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Учение Муна by Mind Map: Учение Муна

1. dasar

1.1. Made of Iron or Steel

1.2. Attract Magnetic Objects which are made of

1.2.1. Cobolt

1.2.2. Iron

1.2.3. Steel

1.2.4. Nickel

1.3. Rules of magnets

1.3.1. Like poles repel

1.3.2. Unlike poles attract

2. Uses Of Magnets

2.1. To hold things together

2.1.1. Refrigerators

2.1.2. Bags

2.1.3. Door Stoppers

2.2. Find Directions

2.2.1. Compass

2.3. Electric Motors

2.3.1. Blender

2.3.2. Hair Dryer

2.3.3. Vacuum Cleaner

2.4. Stores Information

2.4.1. Credit Cards

3. Ways to Lose Magnetism

3.1. Repeatedly dropping a magnet

3.2. Hammering or hitting a magnet with a hard object

3.3. Heating a Magnet

4. Membuat magnet

4.1. Temporary Magnets(Paper Clips)

4.1.1. Stroke Method Stroke a magnetic object with a magnet many times in the same direction

4.1.2. Electrical Method Coil a wire round a magnetic object many times and connect to a battery