Handling Business Documents

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Handling Business Documents by Mind Map: Handling Business Documents

1. Buying Goods & Services

1.1. Purchasing Requirements

1.2. Making Enquiries

1.3. Documents

1.4. Calculations

1.5. Making Complaints

2. Selling Goods & Services

2.1. Sales Organisations

2.1.1. Types of Customers Business to Business Consumer New Existing Loyal Customers Discount Customers Impulse Customer Needs Based Customer Wandering Customers

2.1.2. Private Sector Sole Trader Joiner Electrician Window Cleaner Gardener Partnership Solicitors Estate Agents Surveyors Accountants Limited Companies Procter & Gamble Argos Franchise McDonalds Vision Express Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Club

2.1.3. Public Sector BBC Edinburgh City Council Ministry of Defence Careers Scotland

2.1.4. Voluntary Sector Oxfam NSPCC College

2.2. Documents

2.3. Calculations

2.4. Dealing with Enquiries

2.4.1. Quotation

2.5. Complaint Handling Procedures

2.6. Credit Control Procedures

3. Stock Control

3.1. Efficiency

3.2. Delivery Procedures

3.3. Handling & Storage

3.4. Damaged Stock

3.5. Issuuing Stock