Chris Kennedy

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Chris Kennedy by Mind Map: Chris Kennedy

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2. Chris Kennedy's Blog

3. Exciting time in K-12 Education

3.1. Story of personalized learning

3.1.1. Not about what could, should or would be

3.1.2. something that we've done

3.1.3. Vancouver 2010 was amazing experience The chance to engage kids in this amazing experience was not fulfilled We created something called Students Live! We started with an application proccess No going back

3.1.4. The real-worl learning is profound The idea of building networks was new to students

3.2. Lessons for me as a teacher

3.2.1. It was very difficult Intense No defined time technology doesn't gurantee success

3.2.2. Support from the community was key Everyone we asked was very excited to help us We engaged a small group of students There is a great group of people out there that are really excited to get engaged with kids

3.2.3. The greatest experience for me as ateacher!

3.3. Key takeways

3.3.1. Talk less. Listen more.

3.3.2. Need to find ways to engage in real-world learning opportunities

3.3.3. Students see what's possible and they come back and say "I want more of this!"