Christianity and Judaism

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Christianity and Judaism by Mind Map: Christianity and Judaism

1. Christianity's differences

1.1. Christianity was founded in 30 CE.

1.2. Christianity's founders and early leaders were Jesus, Peter, Paul.

1.3. Christianity's major locations today are Europe, North and South America.

1.4. Worldwide today about 2 billion people practice this religion.

1.5. Currently Christianity is the largest religion.

1.6. For the Christian religion the major branches are Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant.

1.7. Christianity's sacred text is the Bible.

1.8. Christians believe in the trinity one substance, three persons (father, son and holy spirit).

1.9. Most Christians worship at a church, chapel, cathedral or a basilica.

1.10. Christianity's major symbols are the cross, crucifix, dove, anchor, fish, alpha and omega, chi rho and the halo.

2. Judaism's differences

2.1. Judaism was founded at about 1300 BCE.

2.2. Judaism's founders & early leaders Abraham and Moses.

2.3. Judaism's major locations today are Europe, Israel, North America.

2.4. Today worldwide, about 14 million people practice the religion of Judaism.

2.5. Judaism's major branches are Orthodox, Conservative and Reform.

2.6. Judaism's sacred text is the Tanakh.

2.7. Jews believe gods nature was unity one substance, one person.

2.8. Jew's mostly worship at a synagogue, temple or a schul.

2.9. Judaism's major symbols are the Star of David, chai, hamsa and tree.

3. Similarities between Christianity and Judaism

3.1. Christianity and Judaism believe that the death of Jesus's death was by crucifixion.

3.2. Christianity and Judaism believe in angels and demons as other spiritual beings.

3.3. Christianity and Judaism believe that the biblical prophets were true prophets.

3.4. Christianity and Judaism both have Orthodox as one of their major branches.

3.5. Christianity and Judaism both have a high practice population in Europe.

3.6. Christian's and Jews both are monotheistic.

4. Judaism

4.1. Judaism is the third oldest major religion. It is a monotheistic religion, Jews believe in one god. They strongly follow the 10 commandments and give aid to anyone who needs it. Jews practice kosher and celebrate Hanukkah. Kosher is a belief that you should not eat meat and dairy together and you must cook them separately, most Jews that have kosher kitchens which means they have separate places from where the meat is prepared away from the dairy.

5. Chrisrianity

5.1. Christianity is a monotheistic religion, they believe in one god and currently is the biggest religion. Christian's read from the bible. They celebrate Easter, lent, and Christmas. Christianity's founders and early leaders were Jesus, Peter, Paul. They believe in the trinity one can be the father so and holy spirit.