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Lukács Andrea by Mind Map: Lukács Andrea

1. Languages

1.1. professional English

1.2. basic German

2. Hobbies

2.1. horse riding

2.2. reading

2.3. learning new things

3. Workplace experiences

3.1. Gillette Hungary (FMCG)

3.1.1. executing promotions, events, POS materials

3.2. J.Walter Thompson Advertising Agency

3.2.1. strategic planning of communication for customers (automotive, IT, FMCG, finance sector)

3.2.2. executing promotions, events, POS materials

3.2.3. organising PR activities (incl. writing press releases)

3.2.4. taking part in shooting of advertisements (film, photo, etc.)

3.3. Sun Microsystems Hungary

3.3.1. planning marketing strategy and executing actions (incl. marcom activities)

3.3.2. planning and executing PR activities

3.3.3. editing quarterly published magazine

3.3.4. co-operating with the sales team

3.4. Festo Hungary

3.4.1. analysing and segmenting market (price, competitiors, customers, etc.)

3.4.2. planning and implementing marketing strategy and budget

3.4.3. taking part in development of industry sector sales (AMI, food, biospharma)

3.4.4. creating market strategy for multichannel sales (distributors, telesales, Contact Center)

3.4.5. leading an inside sales team

3.4.6. market development of Didactic (education for adult people, courses), incl. writing up new, licensed  adult education programmes

3.4.7. adapting international sales training and being the trainer

3.4.8. taking part in developing education program for contact center employees in order to train sales skills (european project)

3.4.9. launching (IT)  systems for measuring customer satisfaction

3.4.10. planning and executing surveys (studies) for increasing customer satisfaction level

3.5. Sto Hungary

3.5.1. launching new CRM system (SAP CRM) (project)

4. Non-formal learning

4.1. Leadership training including 360 degree evaluation (2 x 3 days)

4.2. Train the trainer sessions (sales)

4.3. Communication trainings

4.4. Presentation techniques - training

5. Education

5.1. High School Graduation / Szinyei Merse Pál High School

5.2. Marketing and Advertising Manager /Post Secondary Eduation / Hungarian Foreign Trade Center

5.3. Andragogyst / BA / Eötvös Loránd Science University

5.4. Andragogyst / MA / Eötvös Loránd Science University

6. Competencies

6.1. Knowledge

6.1.1. marketing pricing promotion market communication , full marketing mix, including new, e-marketing approach knowledge of automation market

6.1.2. adult education methodologies of adult education trends of adult education adult education systems (Hungary + Europe), incl. official routines (i.e. licensing process based on adult education law in Hungary) skill development (methods + theory) training of employees, moderating workshops

6.1.3. organisation development organisation structures and cultures gender topics at workplaces generational challenges and methods to overcome and use them in order to make the companies more efficient

6.1.4. tourist guiding

6.2. Personal

6.2.1. assertive communication

6.2.2. organised and structured personality

6.2.3. proactivity, solution orientation

6.2.4. flexibility

6.2.5. decision making skills

6.3. Methodological

6.3.1. anallytical skills

6.3.2. holistic view of markets and companies

6.3.3. systematic thinking

6.3.4. innovative thinking

6.4. Social

6.4.1. team spirit

6.4.2. leadership motivating/incentivising team members setting reasonable and reachable targets monitoring performance coaching employees