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Stress Management by Mind Map: Stress Management
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Stress Management


Can be reluctant "The prevailing notion among many company presidents is that stress is a problem for individual employees, not a problem for the firm"

Stress management started out as a way for companies to prevent lost profits.

Focus on Interface, Callender calls it, working team PRIMARY

For successful; stress management, the individual need to change attitude towards problem+reaction to this problem. The above framework deal with the surface and no sign of long term implementation

Focus on Individual, supported by Callender SECONDARY

Why don't stress management methods work?

Transactional approach, can't blame one or the other. Have to work together

Focus on Organisation, Callender calls it the organisation culture TERTIARY

Focus on all the aspects


2 types of stress

Who is affected by stress?

Literature from the 1980s onwards but stress has developed with new technologies and changes in society

Scope: work related stress, does not include violence and crime

Yerkes-Dodson Law


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