Annotation of Stop Motion

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Annotation of Stop Motion by Mind Map: Annotation of Stop Motion

1. Tom Thumb

1.1. Target Audience

1.1.1. Adults / Teenagers

1.1.2. Genre Sci-Fi adventure

1.2. When was it made?

1.2.1. 1993 How does this effect the animation?

1.3. Technique Used?

1.3.1. Pixilation for some parts

1.3.2. Object animation

1.4. Budget

1.4.1. Not huge because the BBC made it

1.4.2. BBC remit is to appeal to a wide range of audience: Inform Educate Entertain

1.4.3. New node

1.5. Other INFO

1.5.1. Started as a 10 minute short went to 1 hour

1.6. Summary/Evaluation:

1.6.1. New node

2. Ivor The Engine

2.1. Genre

2.1.1. Childrens Adventure / animation / family

2.2. Technology

2.3. Target Audience

2.3.1. Young Children

2.4. When was it made?

2.4.1. 1975/7

2.5. Technique used?

2.5.1. Cut out animation

2.6. Small Films - production

2.7. Strength / Weaknesses?

2.7.1. Appeals to a younger audience. The sound effects are boring and sound bad. possibly due to the production being low budget.

2.7.2. Voice overs sound the same for different characters

2.8. Summary/evaluation

2.8.1. Ivor the engine is a children's animation which uses the Cut Out technique. Although the animation is quite dull it wouldn't have mattered because it was aimed at children - who would find it interesting despite the dullness. Ivor the engine would have been on at similar time to Bagpuss which was also created by the production company 'Small Films'. However Bagpuss uses objects and models to create the animation. Their seems to be a similarity in the narration of the two programmes - with bagpuss being aimed at slightly older children. New node

3. Kettle Chips

3.1. Target Audience

3.1.1. The crisps are aimed at aspires, because people think they're better then walkers for example.

3.2. When Was It Made?

3.2.1. New node

3.3. Technology

3.4. Technique used?

3.4.1. Stop Motion

3.5. Still from the advert


3.6. Genre

3.6.1. Advert

3.7. Summary/evaluation

3.7.1. Kettle Chips advert is a contemporary animation used to promote the crisps. They have used stop motion technique whereby still images have been taken each time the crisps are moved in sequence. The advert is aimed at aspires because