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shaanucomputers by Mind Map: shaanucomputers

1. tally services

1.1. We create dynamic and static websites at reasonable costs. We have done a lot of projects which are not showed here because of security reasons.

2. ncr service tally

2.1. To increase the productivity of the company and to increase the sales of the company all you need is a dynamic and excellent looking website. We can help you for the same

3. computer repair in delhi

3.1. We are also working with Tally Solutions and we are authorized Tally Service Providers, Tally Integrators in Delhi/NCR. We also have dealerships with SAP and Busy to provide our customers with a variety to choose their best from.

4. Server Repair in Sahibabad

4.1. Tally Solutions and shaanu computers has been working together from past 8 years. We are authorized Tally Integrators (TI), Tally Sales Partner (TSP), Tally Support Partner (TSP) from Tally itself.

5. Computer Services In Delhi

5.1. We have a lot more products and services to choose from namely:- Tally Customization, Tally Password/Data Recovery, Data Recovery, AMC, CCTV Cameras, Networking and much more.

6. Getting started

6.1. Add a sibling idea by hitting ENTER

6.2. This is a sibling idea

6.3. Add a child idea by hitting TAB

6.3.1. This is a child idea

6.4. shaanucomputers

6.5. We ensure that the call is locked within 48 working hours of the company to provide full satisfaction to the customers.

6.5.1. We ensure that the call is locked within 48 working hours of the company to provide full satisfaction to the customers.

6.6. We are authorized Tally Authorized Partners for Tally Sales, Tally Customization and Tally Services.

6.7. Here you can have any kind of tally related query resolved at the earliest

6.8. Advanced

6.8.1. Open the Theme menu from the bottom of your map editor to change your map theme

6.8.2. Create a presentation of your mind map by clicking the presentation icon in the bottom left corner of your screen Simply hold down COMMAND i.e. CTRL and Click & Drag to create a slide for one or multiple topics Set transitions for your slides Click "Start Slideshow" to view your presentation

6.8.3. Open the Sharing Settings from the bottom of your map editor to share the map with a friend or publish it to the web You can share your map with anyone via email You can publish your map and enable anyone with an internet access to find it You can embed your map on a blog or website

7. Quality of services is ensured so the client need not worry in that aspect when they are working with Shaanu Computers.