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Karen by Mind Map: Karen

1. option 2:If I was Karen I would

1.1. negative

1.1.1. join the girl's track team and talk to all the boy's in the track team and then ask the them how fast you can

1.1.2. could fight the girl's them tell them if you ever do that again I would find you then who knows what would happened to your body

1.1.3. post rumors about the girl's then it becomes a rumors war and the battle would end then their done with school

1.2. positive

1.2.1. I would move a way from the school and never talk to anyone ever again

1.2.2. Hang out with my friend's and don't talk about it and always stay positive

1.2.3. help people and don't think about what happened and always stay busy

2. option 3:If I was Karen's close friend

2.1. negative

2.1.1. never talk to Karen again and join the girl's that made fun of her

2.1.2. girl's want to have fun and make fun of people

2.1.3. becomes a super villain and attacks the people that makes up rumors

2.2. positive

2.2.1. always be there for Karen no matter what even if it was ture

2.2.2. keep Karen busy so she wont remember what happened

2.2.3. in away she will be a hero that attack the bad people

3. final decision: I believe that the girl's got expelled from school and the girl's went to different schools then took sometime for Karen to get over it and talk to her close friends about what happened at school and Karen later on forgets about it and moves on later in life.

4. Destinations: in school, in Karen house, in church

5. history/background:Karen is nice and hopeful person and one day a group of girl's started rumors about Karen is sleeping around with the boy's track team Karen heard from her close friend about what happened then she tells her teachers and pastor then contact to the school administration.

6. issue: Girl's where making rumors about Karen sleeping around with the boy's track team.

7. option 4: other students

7.1. negative

7.1.1. lots of people well think she dose sleep around

7.1.2. people well call Karen names

7.1.3. people well stay away from Karen

7.2. positive

7.2.1. people wont care what Karen dose

7.2.2. something new comes up and people forget about it

7.2.3. everybody wants to joins the track team

8. option 1: If I was the principal I would

8.1. expel the students

8.1.1. 1 reason for cyberbullying

8.1.2. 2 reason for harassment

8.1.3. 3 reason hurting and embarrassing another student

8.1.4. positive Karen is not getting cyberbully anymore people don't think Karen is sleeping around anymore Karen still has friends

8.2. Principal talk to the students and parents

8.2.1. 1 I would have the students talk about it in a room.

8.2.2. 2 talk to all the students parents about what happened

8.2.3. 3 principal talk to all the teacher what was going on in the school