My New Mind Map

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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. sports

1.1. soccer

1.1.1. I used to play soccer at first i sucked, once i had practice for a month i was a beast could take on three people at at time and i was the shortest out of all my team.

1.2. football

1.2.1. Never was really able to play for a football team due to my grades in high school but i would play with my boy's once in a while.

2. hard worker

2.1. even if tired ill still handle what i got to do

2.1.1. for example now that i started the job where im at i get only about two in a half hours wake up and come to school from there i go home handle some stuff real quick go to work from 8:00pm to 4:30am

2.2. put in everything before i fail

2.2.1. when i mean i put in everything in before i fail is because i had a class that was so close on failing but i did a little extra credit and that was enough to pass.

3. intelligent

3.1. know more than what you think

3.1.1. I wouln't under estimate anyone on how they look because i been proven wrong before and i proven people wrong on what i actually know.

4. humble

4.1. i don't just want to make it to the top

4.1.1. I don't just want myself to succeed i want all my brothers eating having our family living good

4.2. Never hate on anyone or put them down

4.2.1. I had a couple of people put me down at a point because i didn't have a job, even tho i could of talk shit but decided not to, but had a couple of real ones that never put me down

5. go getter

5.1. ambitious and isn't afraid to ask for and pursue

5.1.1. I am ambitious by the way that i had a couple set backs from witch was a robbery, but you see me now doing better than what i was up too two years ago

5.2. nothing in my way will stop me from where i really want to be

5.2.1. When i mean nothing will stop me is that not one person is going to change my mind ,might have a felony but that's not going to stop me from where i really want to be.