What would help Ren get healthy?

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What would help Ren get healthy? by Mind Map: What would help Ren get healthy?

1. What are some of the best ways to raise funds to get to washington?

2. MindMeister's pretty cool

3. How can I get help making a short 10 minute film documenting my struggle?

3.1. How can I make this film without it being overwhelming given im only up on my feet about 10-30 minutes a day at the moment?

3.1.1. how can we do this without it being overwhelming?

4. Share (or support) this crowd funding campaign

5. What is the most effective treatment for Lyme now?

6. Who/ where is the best expert medical help I can get?

6.1. found someone who's husband is a pilot and can get me flights where i only have to pay tax!

6.2. Is Dr Jemsek (in Washington DC) the best in the world for treating Lyme?

6.2.1. What's the cheapest way to get to Washington DC? If my health collapses in washington and i become unable to move about how can i get support in place? i found a friend of a friend who lives in washington!

6.2.2. if i need to stay in washington for months for intravenous antibiotic therapy how can i stay there affordably?

7. START HERE: How to use this collaborative map

7.1. How can people use MindMeister?

7.1.1. Click on any bubble and TAB does this, and ENTER does this TAB again..

8. Where can i find people who are 100% better from lyme that have been misdiagnosed longer than 5 years?

8.1. are they staying better without antibiotics?

8.1.1. how??

8.2. PatientsLikeMe any good Ren?

9. Lets make every one of Ren's questions (challenges) end with...

9.1. ...a solution. (orange bubble at the end of every branch) Together we will find the answers if they're out there. Please freely edit (and share) this problem solving map & help the world tackle Ren's health struggle!

10. How can I use my own personal battle to raise awareness & support for Lyme?

10.1. What are some of the best newspapers/radio to contact who can start spreading lyme awareness?

10.1.1. Hooray! Daily Mail article!

11. How can I raise funds for my treatment?

11.1. Can Caroline Lucas, Ren's MP, help? She can raise a question or write directly to a NHS minister requesting funds or drugs. Worth a try

11.2. Are there any orgs that would fund Ren getting pioneering new Lyme treatment?

11.2.1. Another person on FB forum told me "GPs need educating so let him know to involve his GP. Teasel root is believed to help by some herbalists. I usually advise going gluten free (glia din and Lyme and immune response)."

11.2.2. Are there any doctors researching Lyme disease who would want a patient with Ren's profile as a patient to trial new treatments? This might be free.

12. TEST - you can play with this branch to try out MindMeister REMEMBER YOU ARE EDITING THE SHARED MASTER mind map!

12.1. blah blah blah

12.2. wheeeeee

12.2.1. yay

12.3. What other things do i need to put in place around my health - if i am going to be taking heavy duty antibiotics for years?

12.3.1. Are there any natural options I should be doing right now?

13. General comments here please!