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Cole Weber Genetics by Mind Map: Cole Weber Genetics
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Cole Weber Genetics


perform chemical reactions

provides bodys main building materials

encoded in DNA

made in amino acids

form the cell architecture and structural components


single strands of a nucleotide


made of DNA

carry traits through generations

serve as instructions for making RNA and proteins

Beadle and Tatum

discovered that genes react to each other by chemical reactions


23 pairs of chromosomes

50 percent from mom

50 percent from dad

tightly packed genes

found in nucleus

3 copies of chromosome 21 rsults in down syndrome


house organelles

foundation of all life


diploids, two sets of chromosomes

haploids, one set of chromosomes, sperm and egg cells

Gergor Mendel

Austrian monk/sceintist

studied how pea plants inherited 2 variant forms of traits

discovered a mathematical rule of inheritence


double helix

two connected strands are complemtary

Walson, Crick, and Wikins awarded Nobel Prize in physiology for discovery of double helix in DNA


cell nucleus

chromosomes replicate

matching chromosomes pair up

chromosomes swap sections of DNA

chromosome pairs divide and nucleus divides into daughter nuclei

chromosomes divide and daughter nuclei divide again


Creates ribosomes and builds ribosomes from rRNA and from proteins, ribosomes produce proteins


discovered the codon

introns and exons

Makes the coding sequence and determines what protein will be made depending on where it is spliced.


Transforms DNA into different types of RNA then can make amino acids and proteins.

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central dogma

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Flow of genetic information in the cell