Build Mars Space Colonies with Minecraft

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Build Mars Space Colonies with Minecraft by Mind Map: Build Mars Space Colonies with Minecraft

1. Follow Up Questions:

1.1. 1. I think that we should build a lunar base before we attempt to make a martian base, because it's close proximity to Earth would allow us to more quickly ship our technology and run tests on how it would perform in space.

1.2. 2. It should be an international effort because it would save all of the countries interested in doing so a lot of money because it'd be split among many nations. Also because it would instill a sense of pride in humanity as a whole to be able to colonize other planets.

1.3. 3.They'd be living in inhospitable environments with no atmosphere or arable land. They would also have to live in small, enclosed habitats, that are physically isolated from the rest of humanity.

1.4. 4. They would have to deal the the confinement of lunar bases, the inability to grow lots of crops on the moon, and the fact that they'd probably get lonely on the moon, separated from pretty much all humans.

1.5. 5. I would most likely miss all of the junkfood that i can't get on the moon, and the wide open areas that I can roam around in on earth.

1.6. 6. I'd probably go to school, but learn more practical things. Like repairing the equipment that'd keep us alive. I'd probably start working sooner than i would on earth as we'd need all help to keep thing afloat. And for recreation I probably wouldn't be able to play as many sports because most bases on other planets would be very small.

2. Links:

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