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Conditionals by Mind Map: Conditionals

1. Zero Conditional

1.1. The zero conditional is used to talk generally about events that happen under absolute truths or generic .

1.1.1. If + condition + result present simple If + present simple It becomes ice. If you freeze water

1.1.2. Result simple + if + condition If + present simple Present simple If they come home They always bring a bottle of wine

1.1.3. We can also use 'when ' rather than 'if' .

2. First Conditional

2.1. It is used to talk about things that can happen in the future. The difference with the ' conditional zero' is that this speaks of generic truths , while the ' first conditional ' talks about particular situations.

2.1.1. If + condition + result will + infinitive if + present simple I'll cook for you. If you come tonight

2.1.2. Result simple + if + condition if + present simple will + infinitive if it rains. We won't go out tonight

2.1.3. Example: Zero conditional Animals die if they don't eat. (It's a general thruth) First conditional Animals will die if you don't feed them. (It's a particular situation)

3. Second Conditional

3.1. It is used to talk about things in the future that probably will not be real , for example , wishes, dreams , etc.

3.1.1. If + condition + result If + past simple would + infinitive If you had enough money I'd buy a car.

3.1.2. Result + if + condition Would + infinitive if + past simple I would travel around the world if I didn't have to work.

3.1.3. Example If I were you, I would travel around the world.

4. Third Conditional

4.1. The third conditional is used to imagine a solution that did not happen to a past situation .

4.1.1. If + condition + result If + past perfect would + have + past participle If you had gone to the party you would have met her.

4.1.2. Result + if + condition Would + have + past participle if + past perfect I would have traveled around the world if I had won the lottery.