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baptism by Mind Map: baptism

1. origins

1.1. john the baptist

1.1.1. expects Jesus to baptise him, but instead, he baptises Jesus

1.2. jesus

1.2.1. meets john and tells him that what he is doing is right

2. belifes

2.1. when you are baptised,you are repenting of your sins, renouncing evil and turning to Christ. when you are baptised, you have to say that. if you are being baptised as a child, your parents and godparents will say it for you.

3. what happens

3.1. who

3.1.1. babies and adults get baptised. they are baptised with their parents making the decision of Christianity, and the adults will then get baptised when they make the choice

3.2. where

3.2.1. you can be baptised anywhere with water. usually babies get baptised with a small amount of water being splashed onto their head adults get baptised by a vicar or priest dipping their bodies into water. 'baptised' means 'immersed in water'