Grouping Movies

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Grouping Movies by Mind Map: Grouping Movies

1. Peter Pan

1.1. Characters

1.1.1. Age Children Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, Lost Boys Adults Mother, Father, Captain Hook, Pirates

1.1.2. Gender Boys Peter Pan, Lost Boys, John, Michael, Father, Captain Hook, Pirates Girls Wendy, Mother, "Maid"

1.1.3. Ethnicity Fairies Mermaids White culture Pirates

1.1.4. Occupation Banker Pirate Stay-at-home Mom

1.1.5. Choice- Interests

1.1.6. Creativeness, Imagination, Being brave

1.1.7. Choice- Dislikes

1.1.8. Fighting, "scary" things, being far from home, in places not in the "norm"

1.2. Locations

1.2.1. Home Size Medium-sized Type Normal housing Use To live Choice- Where Real life

1.2.2. Neverland Size Land- Big Type "Forest" Use Home to Lost Boys and Peter, to live Choice- Where Another World

1.2.3. Black Castle Size Big Type Underground Use More protection for Lost Boys and Peter Choice- Where In Neverland

1.2.4. Ship Size Large Type Pirate Ship Use Home for Captain Hook and Pirates Choice- Where In Neverland

1.3. Themes

1.3.1. Friendship

1.3.2. Friendship is important to have in every day life.

1.3.3. Childhood

1.3.4. You won't always be a child so it is important to explore.

1.3.5. Life/Death

1.3.6. You never know when your last day is.

1.3.7. Freedom

1.3.8. Using it wisely, freedom is fun.

1.3.9. Miscellaneous

1.3.10. Let kids be kids, and just let them be creative while they're young.

1.4. Symbols

1.4.1. Childhood

1.4.2. Imagination

1.4.3. Life/Living

1.4.4. Love for yourself and others

1.4.5. Death/Dying

1.4.6. Moments taken for granted

1.4.7. Power/Control

1.4.8. Having control of your own life

1.4.9. Love

1.4.10. Loving others

1.4.11. Freedom

1.4.12. Being yourself, having your own creativities

1.4.13. Miscellaneous

1.4.14. Being who you are

2. Hook

2.1. Characters

2.1.1. Age Children Wendy, Peter Pan, Lost Boys, John, Michael, Rufio Adults Captain Hook, Smee, Pirates, Mother, Father

2.1.2. Gender Male Peter Pan, Lost Boys, John, Michael, Rufio, Father, Captain Hook, Smee, Pirates Female Wendy, Mother

2.1.3. Ethnicity White Culture Pirates Lost Boys

2.1.4. Occupation Banker Stay-at-home Mother Pirate

2.1.5. Choice- Interests Braveness Imagination Creativeness

2.1.6. Choice- Dislikes "Scary" things Fighting Far from home Things not in "norm"

2.2. Locations

2.2.1. Ship Size Large Type Pirate Ship Use Home for Captain Hook and Pirates Choice- Where In Neverland

2.2.2. Neverland Size Big Type Forest Use To live, Home to Lost Boys and Peter Pan Choice- Where Another world

2.2.3. Home Size Large Type House Use Home for Wendy, John, Michael Choice- Where Bloomsbury, London

2.3. Themes

2.3.1. Friendship

2.3.2. Friendship is important for young children to have in their every day lives.

2.3.3. Childhood

2.3.4. Exploring new things is important to learn in childhood.

2.3.5. Life/Death

2.3.6. Live life to the fullest because when something is gone, it's gone.

2.3.7. Freedom

2.3.8. Freedom is important if used wisely.

2.3.9. Miscellaneous

2.3.10. Let kids stay young as long as possible.

2.4. Symbols

2.4.1. Childhood

2.4.2. Imagination

2.4.3. Life/Living

2.4.4. Love for yourself and everyone around you

2.4.5. Death/Dying

2.4.6. Moments taken for granted

2.4.7. Power/Control

2.4.8. Having control of your own life and actions

2.4.9. Freedom

2.4.10. Being yourself, having your own imagination

2.4.11. Miscellaneous

2.4.12. Being who you are