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Short Sleep lifestyle by Mind Map: Short Sleep lifestyle
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Short Sleep lifestyle

things to wake your brain up






Things to do before sleep

keep your body warm and try to make it cooler and cooler



Memorizing Vocabulary

How many hours do you need per day to satisfy your interest?

Hours (19 hours)

4 and 1/2 hours sleep life =19 1/2 hours per day

3 hours sleep life =21 hours per day

Change mentality

Sleep when you feel sleepy nap should be about 15 minutes

Be concious to how many hours I could stay awake instead of how many hours I could sleep

What do I want to be?

Short sleep is not bad for your body


Workday 1

Workday 2

Workday 3

Work day 4

Work day 5

Day off 1

Day off 2