Org Rep Work Flow

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Org Rep Work Flow by Mind Map: Org Rep Work Flow

1. Roles

2. Tasks

2.1. Get Unit Data Squared away for all members

2.1.1. Write Code to standardize to the current units (Brigade Level)

2.1.2. Import the files

2.2. Get Master-sub member relationships setup

2.2.1. Have Karen BW work with Greer on this

2.2.2. Get Org Reps to tell us who is in their units

2.2.3. Add the unit members to the units using both the master-sub relationships and by adding data to the unit of assignment field. Possibly export all of the member data into spreadsheets. Format the unit of assignment field based upon the current unit values so that the org reps can pick their people. Once we get the data back, then the records can be filtered by unit of assignment and then have the "Master Member Id" field populated by copying in the value from the unit in

2.2.4. Have Greer collect unit data from Buddy D based upon the YM.COM import template.

3. Org Rep Workflow

4. Training

4.1. Teach orp reps how to fix passwords for members

4.2. Teach org reps how to invite members using email