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Australia's Agricultural use of the Land by Mind Map: Australia
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Australia's Agricultural use of the Land


period before living memory

spirits emerged from beneath the earth and from the sky

create the land forms and all living things

dreamtime stories set down the laws for social and moral order

establish the cultural patterns and customs.

answering questions about origins

Contemporary Aboriginal art is the meeting of two worlds

the ancient and the modern, stories of ancestors

using acrylic paint is a continuation of the tradition of reinforcing the Dreaming stories


spiritual lands

connection to each aboriginal

managed and acknowledged through dreamtime

way of survival

totems, given since birth

male and female roles

collection of food across the land

food hunters, tools and weaponds handmade with found objects on land


indigenous people

recognised as owners of their land due to traditional occupation

recognised by the high court

only way to obtain secure tenure to their land

‘caring for country’

central to culture and wellbeing


land and soil erosion, rough seas and higher storm frequency

soil erosion

extreme weather conditions have the potential to reduce water availability