The Witness

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The Witness by Mind Map: The Witness

1. Why?

1.1. Dillon is afraid, scared.

1.2. Dillon is a key witness for the police because he can identify the terrorists.

2. Who ?

2.1. Dillon

2.1.1. While being held hostage by IRA members, he saw the face of on his captors.

2.1.2. He is the target.

2.2. The little red-haired man

2.2.1. The man who is on Dillon's house

2.3. Two members of The IRA

2.4. The Chief Inspector norton

2.4.1. He wants Dillon to testify.

3. Where?

3.1. Ireland ?

3.2. Dillon's house

4. What?

4.1. Dillon decided to tell the police that he won't testify.

4.2. IRA members kill Dillon.

5. When?

5.1. 20th century

5.2. Wars for the Ireland independence