My New Mind Map

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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Strengths

1.1. Good listener

1.2. Comforting

1.3. Non-Judgmental

1.4. Approachable

1.5. Dedicated

2. Weaknesses

2.1. Procrastinator

2.2. Unorganized

2.3. Too Involved

2.4. Don't know my limitations

2.5. Not good with $

2.6. Don't value my work

2.7. Feel I don't know enough

2.8. Afraid to put myself out there

2.9. Don't implement my marketing knowledge

2.10. Need to be in control of my sessions

3. Values/Beliefs

3.1. Good health

3.2. Family

3.3. Being grateful

3.4. Loyalty

3.5. Sympathy

3.6. Kindness

3.7. Selflessness

3.8. Don't judge

3.9. Show your love

4. Personality/Things I Like to Do

4.1. Research

4.2. Experience new foods and cultures

4.3. Live music

4.4. Being with friends

4.5. Being outside with Brooklyn

4.6. Attending educational events

4.7. Yoga and spiritual events

4.8. Unique ways to gather friends

4.9. Interactive events

4.10. Personal development

5. Who I Love Working With (or would like to work with)

5.1. People that believe in themselves

5.2. People that are ready for change

5.3. People that are tired of being stuck

5.4. Motivated people, even if they need a little help

5.5. Grateful people

5.6. Honest and raw people

5.7. Creative minds- and not afraid to share

5.8. People that are ready to kick fear in the face

6. Why I Care

6.1. Because I know how it feels to want to be a mother

6.2. have been in a rut and didn't have the best lifestyle- so I know how hard it can be to get into a new groove

6.3. I am real and raw- I know how reality can be and am honest about it

6.4. I love seeing results- like someone getting pregnant.

6.5. I love reading and seeing people appreciate how I've helped them.

6.6. I love seeing the excitement in someone's eyes as they are ready to tell me something amazing they did.

6.7. I love the feeling when someone is really working hard and they are proud of it.

6.8. The world of fertility can be so negative and I want to make it positive and ignite confidence. Not defeat.

6.9. I want women to know they have control over their bodies, no one else does. No one can make them feel that they aren't.

7. Who I Serve

7.1. Women struggling to get pregnant

7.2. Women that may not be struggling but are thinking about getting pregnant and want to get healthy

8. Unique Spin

8.1. My personality- vibrant and fun

8.2. am very raw and real- I put things in layman's terms and talk to people so they understand.

8.3. I am engaging and involved- not just informative

8.4. My speaking and group interaction is full of energy

9. How I Can Help

9.1. I can put things simply

9.2. Not overwhelm people

9.3. I have 3 years of education so I know my shit

9.4. I have a great network of people I've built for amazing resources for my clients.

9.5. I'm available 24/7