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IS3237 iServices for Bus. Org. by Mind Map: IS3237 iServices for Bus. Org.
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IS3237 iServices for Bus. Org.

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Lec1 Intro

Course Admin



Apps Account Creation

Lec2 iServices & Bus. Org.

Types of Business

Internal Operations of a Corporation

iServices Basic

Weekly iApps

Lec3 Human & IT

Roles & responsibilities

Gap between Bus. people & IT people

PACT service design framework

Doing PACT analysis

Tutorial: Personal Productivity Using iServices

Weekly iApps

Lec4 Service Nature

Service Definitions

Services Characteristics

Service Package

Service-Product Bundle

Strategic iService Vision


Lec5 Storage Management & Database

Types of Decisions you face

Data Warehouse

Database Management Systems

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Weekly iApps

Lec6 Prototyping

Types of prototypes

Designing & Prototyping

Lec7 Usability - Design Principles

Design Principles

Web-based service usability

Tutorial exercise: Websites usability comparison

Lec10 Evaluation & iService Quality

Design & Implementation Evaluation

iService Quality

Lec11 Mobile iServices

Weekly iServices

Computing and Internet Trend

Mobile Platforms

Mobile iServices

Lec12 Marketing, Privacy, Ethics, Security

Facebook marketing


Business Ethics

Information Security