miracles of my LIFE

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miracles of my LIFE by Mind Map: miracles of my LIFE

1. ME!!!

1.1. 15years ago..

1.1.1. 20 march 1995(day i'm born) i'm a 7months baby i've 50% of chance to live

1.2. 14 years ago

1.2.1. my heart will not be able o function well i'll have difficulties to talk

1.3. 13 years ago

1.3.1. i still can't learn how to talk

1.4. 12 years ago

1.4.1. my parent divorce i lost a happy family i find no meaning to life

1.5. 11 years ago

1.5.1. mummy has less than 50% chance to live she has only left a few more years to live things appeared so hopeless

1.6. 10 years ago

1.6.1. mummy stayed in hospital for 5months she almost leave me alone

1.7. 9 years ago

1.7.1. my brother is really sick!!

1.8. 8 years ago

1.8.1. mummy finally broke down she has metal illness

1.9. 7 years ago

1.9.1. i've finally learn how to wite and learn like a normal child

1.10. 6 years ago

1.10.1. my bo has HPPD

1.11. 5 years ago

1.11.1. my brother has depression

1.12. 3 years ago

1.12.1. my whole family is all ill metal physical

1.13. 2 years ago

1.13.1. life is so tough!

1.14. 1 year ago

1.14.1. i broke down i can't run this race anymore

1.15. TODAY!!

1.15.1. MIRACLES HAPPENED!! a happy family

2. my brother

2.1. school

2.1.1. primary four skip school for one whole year

2.2. illness

2.2.1. metal depression HPPD

2.3. TODAY!!!

2.3.1. he went back to school!

2.3.2. he is free from depression!

3. Dearest MUMMY!!

3.1. emotionally

3.2. physically

3.2.1. before giving birth to me 50% of chances to live

3.2.2. one year after giving birth to me she has depression

3.2.3. four years after giving birth to me stayed in the hospital for 5months 3 years on the wheel chair

3.2.4. five years after giving birth to me she was unable to take care of the family

3.2.5. six years after givig birth to me she admitted hospital every month for the whole year

3.2.6. TODAY!!! she is able to walk and work she do not need to sit on wheel chair she visit the hospital lesser