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My goal was to create a visual representation of how the docs relate to each other. It's a good start but it's not complete by any means.

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Apple Dev Doc by Mind Map: Apple Dev Doc

1. Getting Started With User Experience

2. IDEs

2.1. Xcode

2.1.1. A Tour of Xcode

2.1.2. Xcode Workspace Guide

2.1.3. Xcode Debugging Guide

2.1.4. Xcode Project Management Guide

2.1.5. Documentation Set Guide

2.1.6. What's New in Xcode

2.1.7. Xcode Build System Guide

2.2. IB

2.2.1. Interface Builder User Guide

3. Dashcode User Guide

4. Debugging with GDB

5. Bundle Programming Guide

6. legend

6.1. Prereqs are indicated w/ number bullets

6.2. MVC stuff

6.3. green connect arrow: points to related docs

6.4. not sure where to put these sections or what to name them

6.5. orange arrow: points to a pre-req

6.6. (part of) UI Kit

6.7. Resource Type: Getting Started

7. Core Services>Foundation

7.1. Tools

7.2. Resource Programming Guide

8. User Experience

8.1. Apple Publications Style Guide

8.2. iAd Programming Guide

9. Core Data

9.1. Getting Started with Core Data

10. Performance

10.1. Performance Overview

10.1.1. Code Size Performance GuidelinesCode Size Performance Guidelines

10.1.2. Code Speed Performance Guidelines

10.1.3. File-System Performance Guidelines

10.1.4. Memory Usage Performance guidelines

10.1.5. Concurrency Programming Guide

11. Cocoa

11.1. iOS Technology Overview

11.1.1. Cocoa Fundamentals Guide iOS Application Programming Guide Implementing diff parts of your application iPad Programming Guide environment Supporting Common Application Behaviors Cocoa Drawing Guide View Programming Guide Introduction to Coding Guidelines for Cocoa

12. Introduction to Model Object Implementation Guide

13. Start here

13.1. Programming/Language

13.1.1. Beginner The Objective-C Programming Language Learning Objective-C: A Primer Naming Conventions

13.1.2. Object-Oriented Programming with Objective-C

13.1.3. A Short Practical Guide to Blocks

13.1.4. Blocks Programming Topics

13.1.5. Objective-C Runtime Programming Guide

14. Memory

14.1. Memory Management Programming Guide

14.1.1. Allocating and Initializing Objects

15. Core Foundation

15.1. Core Foundation Design Concepts

15.2. Memory Management Guide for Core Foundation

16. name for this node?

16.1. iOS Overview

16.2. Tools for iOS Development

16.3. Creating an iPhone Application

16.4. Your First iOS Application

16.4.1. Cocoa fundamentals: Design Patterns

16.4.2. The Objective-C Programming Language: Protocols

16.4.3. The Objective-C Programming Language: Declared Properties

16.4.4. App Delegate 411

17. name for this node?

17.1. iOS Development Guide

18. list of getting started guides