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Chasing Lincoln's Killer by Mind Map: Chasing Lincoln's Killer
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Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Extra Research

Did the President have any idea that he was going to be assassinated BEFORE he was?


Mary Surrat

Mr. Mudd

Lincolns challenges as the president

How did he end slavery?

How did he settle the civil war?

John Wilkes Boothe

Booth originally came up with a plot to kidnap Lincoln and take him the south to hold him hostage and force his government to resume its earlier policy of exchanging prisoners

Booth fired the shot at the theater that killed the president. (April 14, 1865)

Before Booth was notoriously known for being President Lincoln's assassin, He was an actor.

The plot and Lincoln's Assasins

Assassins had private meetings at private locations to discuss "private business"

Edwin Staton

He started the manhunt for Lincoln's assassin/assassins

The search was put out for John Wilkes Booth, Davd Harold and John Surrat.