CI/CD standard

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CI/CD standard by Mind Map: CI/CD standard

1. Problems

1.1. Culture shift might not be fully accepted

1.2. Drowning in tools

1.3. Data Volume changes performance between environments

1.4. Performance Testing

2. Ideas

2.1. Identify a tool/company we can partner with

2.1.1. Docker?

2.1.2. Jenkins

2.1.3. Gerrit

2.2. Train subject matter experts

2.3. Move to component centered delivery

2.4. automate, automate, automate

2.5. build it

3. Questions

3.1. Do we have the expertise?

3.2. Do we have the right support in place?

4. Current - Documented

4.1. Role

4.1.1. Technical Lead Create Continuous Integration Plan Deployment Walkthrough With Client Create Release Notes

4.1.2. Deployment Engineer Deployment Planning Product Packaging Product Delivery Product Deployment

4.1.3. Client Deployment Validation

4.2. Toolset

5. AGI Model

5.1. Development

5.1.1. Sprint Branches Story/Task/Bug Fix Branch within Sprint Branch merging Merge Sprint Branch Into Story/Task/Bug Fix Branch After development is complete Merge changes into sprint branch if all unit tests have been passed Pull Requests

5.1.2. Reviews Demo Code/Peer Review

5.1.3. Sprint Closing

5.2. Source Control

5.2.1. Technology Git

5.3. Environments

5.3.1. CI Server Environment running current Sprint

5.4. Testing

5.4.1. Unit Tests technologies JUnit Spock Owners Developer

5.4.2. Functional Testing Technologies Geb Owners QA Developer

5.5. Verification and Acceptance on CI Server

6. Goals

6.1. Increase project velocity

6.2. Increase project qualiity

6.3. Decrease manual efforts

6.4. Increase our service offerings

6.5. Enforce accountability

6.6. Standarized Project workflow

6.7. Reduced risk during final deployment

7. New Standard

7.1. Testing

7.1.1. Automated

7.1.2. Test Driven Development

7.1.3. Peformance

7.2. Deployment Pipeline

7.2.1. Enviroments Dev QA Staging Production

7.2.2. Config Defined by Enviroemnt

7.3. Source Control

8. Workflow

8.1. Source Control

8.1.1. Sprint Branch Create story branch Code/Peer Review

8.1.2. Unit / Functional Test

8.1.3. Merge

8.2. Testing

8.2.1. Automate tests

8.2.2. Test Driven Development

8.2.3. Integration tests

8.3. Deployment Pipeline

8.3.1. One build for all enviroments

8.3.2. Automated releases

9. DevOps Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

9.1. Planning

9.1.1. Sprint Planning

9.1.2. Agile Board Utilization

9.1.3. Task Management

9.1.4. Charting & Dashboards

9.2. Develop + Test

9.2.1. Version Control Branching Strategy TFVC Git Subversion

9.2.2. Testing Unit Testing JUnit NUnit TestNG Performance Testing JMeter Web Testing Selenium Spock Geb

9.2.3. Code Analysis Checkstyle Checkstyle Rule Definitions IDE Plugin Cobetrua SonarQube

9.2.4. Build Tools Apache Maven Gradle Ant MSBuild

9.3. Release

9.3.1. Continuous Integration Jenkins Jenkins Job Builder Jenkins Pipeline Plugin Maven Release Plugin Fabric8 OpsWorks Visual Studio Team Services

9.3.2. Continuous Delivery Release Workflow Configuration As Code Container Virtualization

9.4. Monitor

9.4.1. Application Health Availability Metrics Performance Metrics System Metrics Alerts