The Three Cs

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The Three Cs by Mind Map: The Three Cs

1. Collaboration

1.1. Activity

1.1.1. Small Group Discussion

1.1.2. planning

1.1.3. mindmapping

1.1.4. Project or Problem based learning

1.2. Tool

1.2.1. Wiki Wikispaces Google Sites PBWiki Wetpaint

1.2.2. Mindmap MyWebspiration Mindmeister Bubblus

1.2.3. Google Apps Google Docs Google Spreadsheet Google Sites

1.2.4. File Sharing DropIO DropBox

1.2.5. Workspaces TeamBox

1.2.6. Whiteboards Dabbleboard Skrbl

2. Communication

2.1. Activity

2.1.1. Threaded Discussion Instructor led Student moderated

2.1.2. Chat

2.1.3. Reflection

2.1.4. Microblogging

2.1.5. Blogging

2.2. Tool

2.2.1. Forum

2.2.2. Email Gmail Yahoo Messaging System inherent to LMS or Social software

2.2.3. VOIP/Text Chat Skype MSN Messenger AIM ICQ

2.2.4. Blog Blogger TypePad

2.2.5. Microblog Twitter Edmodo Plurk Tumblr

2.2.6. Virtual Worlds Second Life Club Penguin OpenSim

2.2.7. Private Social Network Ning Facebook Elgg

2.2.8. Web Conferencing DimDim WebEx Elluminate

2.2.9. Video Chat Skype Oovoo

2.3. Strategies

2.3.1. 24 hour response

2.3.2. Kind and respectful tone

2.3.3. Rubric

2.3.4. Syllabus

2.3.5. Forums, emails, VOIP

2.3.6. FAQs

3. Content

3.1. Types

3.1.1. Rubric

3.1.2. Syllabus

3.1.3. Text Word docs PDF Google Apps Docs Spreadsheet Presentation

3.1.4. Media Video Audio Podcasts Presentations Games/Interactivities Social bookmarking Delicious Diigo

3.2. Tool

3.2.1. LMS Moodle Sakai Blackboard Sloodle

3.2.2. Open Course Content MIT OpenCourseWare Open University Connexions Curricuwiki Open Access Journals

3.2.3. Media Audio Audacity Garageband Ineractivity Flash GameMaker HTML Editor Dreamweaver VUE Video Open Video Editor Premiere iMovie MovieMaker Web Presntation SlideRocket Google Presentations One True Media