Review and reflections on Target Audience

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Review and reflections on Target Audience by Mind Map: Review and reflections on Target Audience

1. Why I have Specified This Target Audience

1.1. Primary Research

1.1.1. 91% of those who answered my questionnaire were at the age range between 17-20 years old, suggesting that a younger generations are attracted to the documentaries. which would be only reasonable to aim my documentary towards the younger generation.

1.1.2. 85% of those who answered my questionnaire were of a british ethnicity, while 15% of my interviewees were from a different ethnicity. which makes me think that i should target not one but more ethnicities in my target audience.

1.2. Secondary Research

1.2.1. According to  Ducumentaries released in Uk had an major increased of 4 to 117 from 2001 to 2015.

1.2.2. All This Mayhem is a documentary released in 2014 in the uk receiving a rating of 8.0/10 according to IMDb. Which suggesting that the younger generation takes an interest in this type of activity as back in 1940s skateboard wasn't as popular among the younger generation as it is nowadays with a little over 10.6 million active with an age between 16 to 19 which still goes under my target audience. As my documentary could be seen as addressing the same activity, it would be appropriate to target a similar age range.

2. Target audience recap

2.1. The documentary will be targeted at the British Public but also to other Ethnicity groups, as the film will be focus on Skateboarding which is a worldwide sport activity. it will look at how the skateboarder lifestyle is, how it affects society and compare the facilities a skateboard has with an different but yet similar to it.

2.2. My documentary will target male and female at the age or 17 years or over, who has an interest in the practice of skateboarding and the effects it has on society.

2.3. The film will have a 16 rating, as it will cover issues such as bad behaviour, environment damaging and maybe inappropriate language, which needs to be monitored for younger viewers. the reason why the 16 rating is that the content may be graphic.

2.4. Documentaries that have similar target audience to mine may include, All this Mayhem (2014) and The Motivation (2013).

3. How am I going to satisfy my Target Audience

3.1. After completing and analysing my questionnaire, i have summarised the features  that i will need to develop in my documentary in order to make it appeal to my target audience.

3.1.1. The inclusion of actually footage and skate action footage in order to appeal to the sense of excitement that my audience enjoy about skate. I will look at filming a range of different sports, including professional and amateur levels, both in contest and for fun.