Your Amazing Brain

Claire Varner EDU 535W - Theories of Teaching and Learning Week 1 - Brain Functions Graphic Organizer

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Your Amazing Brain by Mind Map: Your Amazing Brain

1. Neuron

1.1. Functions

1.1.1. transmits information

1.2. Etymology

1.2.1. nerve cell with appendages

1.3. Location

1.4. Structures

1.4.1. Glial Cells Functions physical support for neurons transport nutrients to neurons consume parts of dead neurons regulate extracellular space phagocytosis Etymology glue Location

1.4.2. Dendrite Functions conduct electrochemical stimulation to other neural cells Etymology tree Location

1.4.3. Neurotransmitter Functions middlemen for neurons carry info across synaptic gap for neurons Etymology receiver Location

1.4.4. Synapse Functions pass on directions from neurons to cells Etymology conjunction Location

1.4.5. Axon Functions contacts other cells takes info away from other cells Etymology measurement Location

2. Cerebrum

2.1. Corpus Callosum

2.1.1. Functions facilitates communication between two hemispheres of cerebrum

2.1.2. Etymology body

2.2. Cortex

2.2.1. Etymology outer shell

2.2.2. Functions memory thought perception attention language

2.2.3. Location

2.2.4. Structures Prefrontal Cortex Etymology Functions Location Temporal Lobe Etymology Functions Location Occipital Lobe Etymology Functions Location Parietal Lobe Functions Etymology Location

2.3. Functions

2.3.1. controls all voluntary actions

2.4. Etymology

2.4.1. brain

2.5. Location

3. Brain Stem

3.1. Structures

3.1.1. Pons Functions sleep respiration swallowing bladder control hearing equilibrium taste eye movement facial expressions facial sensations posture Etymology bridge Location

3.1.2. Medulla Oblongata Functions breathing heart rate blood pressure balance reflex centers Etymology middle Location

3.2. underneath the limbic system

3.3. Responsible for basic vital functions

3.4. Location

4. Cerebellum

4.1. Etymology

4.1.1. small brain

4.2. Functions

4.2.1. motor control

4.2.2. language

4.2.3. attention

4.2.4. emotion regulation

4.3. Location

4.4. Limbic Region

4.4.1. Structures Hippocampus Functions Etymology Location Hypothalamus Functions Etymology Location Thalamus Functions Etymology Location Amygdala Functions damaged in binge drinking Etymology Location

4.4.2. referred to as the "emotional brain"

4.4.3. found burried in the Cerebellum

4.4.4. Etymology edge

4.4.5. Location

5. Works Cited