Financial Literacy Training/Clearing Up Overages and Shortages, United States Postal Service

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Financial Literacy Training/Clearing Up Overages and Shortages, United States Postal Service by Mind Map: Financial Literacy Training/Clearing Up Overages and Shortages, United States Postal Service

1. Adult Learning Experience

1.1. Providing instructional design profiles as a whole; create experience towards individual background thoughts. Adults have more time to factor in and concentrate on life and learning. More mature and patient interaction. The USPS encourages all intergrated and diverse background accounts. The training provides assistance and pronounced life skills towads learning.

2. Readiness To Learn

2.1. Using social control, media,and online web-based programs to social development. Create scenarios for adults to use social media. The financial literacy training enhances friendly user icons for adult learners and employees of the usps to engage in. This process incorporates the employee to follow and utilize pioneer factors and new strategies for deployment.

3. Self Concept

3.1. This training offers the ability to present less instruction and gross autonomy. The theory also offers assistance while imposing self guidance. The USPS training of financial literacy demostrates the same structure. When an employee is logged-on, it leads the individual through systematic forums, and presents guidance when needed.

4. Malcolm Knowles Adult LearningTheories- Self Concept, Adult Learning Experience,Readiness To Learn

4.1. These theories ties into the Financial Literacy training towards social media and the interaction of adult training. Social media is used to send reminders and tips towards the assistance if any employee needs service.

5. Effects of Student Motivation- Adults must engage in development and design toward learning tools. Adults must manage their task and expereince in activities and E-Learning job tasks. Compliance expensives, benefits, and E-Learning course.

6. Revelent Training Programs Related to Social Media- Creating Blogs and systematic online Video, Training Distribution& Personal informal and Formal Relations, Engaging Social Networks and Forums

7. Ethical Cosiderations, Social Media- Ethics Resource Center is a non profit organization used to conduct research on ethical standards. Combing ethics into social principles. Exploring the compliance of ethics toward the success of social media.

8. E Learning Web-Based Program- The USPS Finacial Literacy training engages all employees to correct financial issues within their facility. This training is user friendly and engages within social media and search engines. It also allows newly hired employees to take control of financial freedom.

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