JSBA WJHC & Holiday Fest

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JSBA WJHC & Holiday Fest by Mind Map: JSBA WJHC & Holiday Fest

1. Food & Beverage

1.1. Revise concession menu Revise vip menu Staffing Beverage menu Beverage locations Kitchen layout Equipment update

2. Jingle Ball

2.1. Pam Tillis Choir Raven Sponsors Food menu Layout Staffing Meet & greets VIP's Decorations

3. Promotion

3.1. WICU/Erie Media one Chautauqua Star Post Journal E-mail marketing Poster/distribution

4. Arena Plaza

4.1. Christmas lights Ice skating Decorations Trees Schedule of events Refreshments

5. Ice Bar

5.1. Tent Heaters Firepits Setup Grilling station Menu Decorations Staffing Hours of operation Beverages Music

6. Arena Club

6.1. Setup Decorations Schedule Menu Beverages