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Writing essay by Mind Map: Writing essay

1. Conditions of writing wssay

1.1. Contains 4-5 paragraphs;

1.2. Minimum of 250 words;

1.3. 40 minutes

2. Introduction

2.1. Hook

2.1.1. an interesting statement to catch the reader's attention Ex. Extrcise has been a vital part of children's learning for thousands of years *NOTE: It is not a good idea for essays to start with questions

2.2. Background

2.2.1. gives the context to the reader

2.3. Thesis statement

2.3.1. is the goal of the writer, in a simple sentence, with several clear points which will be discussed in the body paragraphs

2.4. Useful phrases:

2.4.1. General information: It is generally believed that It is common nowadays Many nations have bben faced with the problem of..

2.4.2. Argument introduction; There is a public debate that/about...

2.4.3. Thesis: I am of the opinion that... I strongly believe...

3. Body

3.1. Topic Sentense

3.1.1. topic, controlling idea

3.1.2. Ex. Physical health is very important for all children, and physical education helps to promote health through exercise

3.2. Supporting point (1)

3.2.1. explonation of why this topic and controlling idea

3.2.2. Ex. Since children attend gym class several times per week, they improve their bodies through sports such as running and playning socer. Exercise increases blood flow and muscle tone

3.3. Supporting point (2)

3.3.1. Example needs to be specific: #names #places #people #times etc

3.4. Connecting Sentense

3.4.1. information that joins to start the next body paragraph

3.5. Useful phrases:

3.5.1. One thing that is of great significance is that...

3.5.2. The chief reason that...

3.5.3. No one can deny the fact that...

4. Basics of essay

4.1. Persuasive writing

4.1.1. seeks to convince the reader of an idea

4.2. Expository writing

4.2.1. seeks to explain an idea or process

4.3. Narrative writing

4.3.1. seeks to tell a story, with beginning, middle,end

4.4. Describe writing

4.4.1. seeks to describe a person, place, event or idea. It is used in all forms of writing with sensory language (sight, touch etc,), and figurative language (metaphors, hyperbole etc.)

5. Basics of essay 3

5.1. *Use 2-5 minutes to plan and understand. This will help to write a better essay and faster

5.2. Understanding the question:

5.2.1. 1) paraphrase the question #synonyms #expressions #phrases #grammar

5.2.2. 2) identify the topic and the controlling idea

5.3. Planning response

5.3.1. 1) Use critical thinking and ask: #Why? #What? #How?

6. Concluding paragraph

6.1. Restate main points

6.1.1. in a simple remind the reader of key points

6.2. Argument restated

6.2.1. strongly paraphrase the argument made in essay to convince your audience

6.3. Porpose, implication

6.3.1. a message which makes the information in the essay important for the reader Ex. As a result...

6.4. *NOTE: Careful not to create on new idea

6.5. Useful phrases:

6.5.1. It can be concluded that...

6.5.2. The avaible evidence clearly leads to the conclusion that....

6.5.3. The main conclusion can be drawn from...